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Golden Retriever is the most popular Dog Breed in Washington, according to new research

The Golden Retriever takes the top spot as the most favored and popular dog breed in both Washington state and United States, a new study finds. Some key facts from the study are below:

  • Golden Retrievers are the most searched-for dog breed in the US, with 38 states favoring the breed over all others 
  • The second most favored dog breed in the US is the French Bulldog, followed by the Bernese Mountain Dog in third
  • The Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed in Washington

The study conducted by pet nutrition experts at PetLab analyzed over 200 AKC-recognized dog breeds alongside keywords such as ‘buy’ and ‘adopt’ through Google’s Keyword Planner to produce a ranking for each state’s most searched-for breed over the past 12 months. 

The Golden Retriever came out at the top of the rankings as the most searched-for dog breed over the past year. 38 states favor the breed the most, including some of the most populated states like California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania. Golden Retrievers are an extremely popular breed for families due to their kind nature and ease of training. They are also very popular within the celebrity community, with celebs like Ryan Reynolds, Nick Jonas, Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Fallon all owning a Golden. 

The second most popular breed in the US is the French Bulldog. Frenchie’s are friendly, affectionate and comical dogs, making them an easy choice for those looking to adopt, foster or buy. French Bulldogs are the most favored dog breed in nine states, including Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

The third most popular dog breed in the US is the Bernese Mountain Dog; the states searching for them the most are Montana, Utah and Wyoming. These terrifically tempered pups are hardworking, affectionate and smart and have been the choice breed for celebrities such as Courtney Cox and Hillary Duff. 

The fourth most popular dog breed in America is the Newfoundland. Newfoundlands are the most searched-for breed in Alaska and the second most popular in Montana, Oregon and Vermont. The sweet-natured breed is the perfect companion for children as they are patient and have a watchful eye. Although they are mighty, Newfoundland’s are extremely intelligent, calm and loyal, not to mention fantastic swimmers. 

The fifth most popular dog breed in the US is a Dogo Argentino, an Argentine mastiff-type pup. These dogs are hardworking and tough and tend not to be ideal for inexperienced dog owners, but rest assured, this breed is extremely loyal, loving and a fantastic companion. Dogos are the third most favored breed in nine states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas.  

A spokesperson at PetLab commented: “Whether people are looking to adopt, foster, buy or just browse through cute pictures online of dogs, it is clear to see the US is obsessed with our furry friends. It is interesting to see that the most popular breed across the country, the Golden Retriever, has popularity by a landslide with some of the most populated states opting for the charming breed.” 

The Most Popular Dog Breed in Each US State 

      State  Most Searched-for Breed 
          Alabama         Golden Retriever 
          Alaska         Newfoundland 
          Arizona         Golden Retriever 
          Arkansas         French Bulldog 
          California         Golden Retriever 
          Colorado         Golden Retriever 
          Connecticut         Golden Retriever 
          Delaware         Golden Retriever 
          Florida         Golden Retriever 
          Georgia         French Bulldog 
          Hawaii         French Bulldog 
          Idaho         Golden Retriever 
          Illinois         Golden Retriever 
          Indiana         Golden Retriever 
          Iowa         Golden Retriever 
          Kansas         Golden Retriever 
          Kentucky         Golden Retriever 
          Louisiana         French Bulldog 
          Maine         Golden Retriever 
          Maryland         Golden Retriever 
          Massachusetts         Golden Retriever 
          Michigan         Golden Retriever 
          Minnesota         Golden Retriever 
          Mississippi         French Bulldog 
          Missouri         Golden Retriever 
          Montana         Bernese Mountain Dog 
          Nebraska         Golden Retriever 
          Nevada         French Bulldog 
          New Hampshire         Golden Retriever 
          New Jersey         Golden Retriever 
          New Mexico         French Bulldog 
          New York         Golden Retriever 
          North Carolina         Golden Retriever 
          North Dakota         Golden Retriever 
          Ohio         Golden Retriever 
          Oklahoma         French Bulldog 
          Oregon         Golden Retriever 
          Pennsylvania         Golden Retriever 
          Rhode Island         Golden Retriever 
          South Carolina         Golden Retriever 
          South Dakota         Golden Retriever 
          Tennessee         Golden Retriever 
          Texas         French Bulldog 
          US         Golden Retriever 
          Utah         Bernese Mountain Dog 
          Vermont         Golden Retriever 
          Virginia         Golden Retriever 
          Washington         Golden Retriever 
          West Virginia         Golden Retriever 
          Wisconsin         Golden Retriever 
          Wyoming         Bernese Mountain Dog 
SOURCE: Petlabs

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