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Comcast boosts speeds for 10,000 Xfinity internet customers in Lynnwood

Right now, nearly 10,000 Xfinity Internet customers in Lynnwood have faster speeds at no additional cost from Comcast, about 800,000 overall in Washington state.

Xfinity lynnwood
Xfinity customers in Lynnwood will enjoy better speeds.

Streaming live sports, gaming, and other data-rich applications are driving Internet consumption to new heights. As the need for data increases in ever-connected households, Xfinity is ensuring customers can stream, surf, and share on a network and service they can rely on today and in the future.  

  • Efficiency and Getting Things Done Faster: With quick internet, you can find what you need online much faster, which makes studying or doing research easier.  
  • Improved Streaming and Downloading: Fast internet is really important if you want to watch videos in high quality without having to wait for it to load, or if you need to download big files fast. This makes using the internet more fun and less frustrating. 
  • Better Video Conferencing: Nowadays, being able to video chat with people around the world is super important for staying in touch and for work. Quick internet helps make these video chats clear and lag-free, making it easier to work from home or talk to someone far away. 
  • Enhanced Online Gaming: For online gaming to be fair and fun, you need a fast and reliable internet connection that doesn’t lag, especially if you’re playing games that need quick reactions. Quick internet also means you can play games in high quality. 
  • Support for Multiple Devices: Since we have so many smart devices at home and work, having fast internet means all these devices can be online at the same time without slowing down your connection. 
  • Cloud Computing and Storage: Quick internet is a must for working with cloud services efficiently. This includes storing files online, using apps that run on the internet, and more advanced business technologies that rely on the cloud. 
  • Smart Home Devices: Many homes have gadgets like security cameras, smart thermostats, and speakers that need to be online all the time. Fast internet makes sure these gadgets work well together without any problems. 

Right now, new and existing customers in King County & Washington can take advantage of the following speed increases: 

  • Connect: 75 Mbps to 150 Mbps
  • Connect More: 200 Mbps to 300 Mbps
  • Fast: 400 Mbps to 500 Mbps
  • Xfinity Prepaid: 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps

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