July 18, 2024 4:10 pm

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‘Semi’ serious: Will Bird’s candidacy clip Reichert’s wings?

semi bird

Campaign victories go to those who do the work to earn the win; party endorsements should be endowed by the same measure, but Republican gubernatorial candidate Semi Bird hasn’t earned that honor through hard work and delivering results. Politics is a blood sport.  It is a zero-sum game defined by clear winners and clear losers.  […]

Exclusive: Republican candidates Beutler, Bird, and Reichert interview

Republican candidates

EVERETT—The Snohomish County Republican Party held its convention on Saturday, March 9, at Mariner High School to elect delegates to its party’s Washington State and National conventions. Delegates to the state convention will vote to officially endorse candidates to federal and statewide offices; and a selected few, 43 in total, will be elected to represent Washington state […]

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