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Celebrate National Dog Day with these 5 easy tips!

Sponsored Feature by Petcurean Pet Foods

Recently, nearby Seattle was named the most dog friendly city in the U.S., and in the countdown to National Dog Day on August 26th (and Responsible Dog Owner month in September!) the team at Petcurean Pet Foods Ltd. has put together some top tips for celebrating the occasion.

  1. They don’t call it the dog days of summer for nothing! With pet obesity at an all time high, there’s no better way to spend quality time with your pet than in the great outdoors.Whether it’s a swim in the lake or a run in the woods, we guarantee your pup will be thankful for the fresh air and a chance to stretch his legs.
  2. Developed by Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, Petcurean’s Nutrition Manager, nothing says fresh like Petcurean’s NOWFRESH dog food made with delicious and nutritious bone broth. Chock full of nutritious ingredients like 100 percent market-fresh meat or fish, as well as omega 3 and 6 oils from coconuts and canola, it’s also packed in innovative, sustainable, and conveniently re-closeable Tetra Pak cartons so your pup can save their leftovers for their next meal, too. It’s food that you can truly feel good about buying and serving to your pup! 
  3. Nothing makes your dog happier than quality time with their human. Whether it’s extra cuddles on the couch or a special treat or two (we’re big fans of SPIKE jerky treats that contain only all natural ingredients!), your pup will revel in any extra attention you give them. 
  4. The only thing better than one dog? A lot of dogs!  Call up your friends with dogs and get all the pups together for a play date. Whether it’s in someone’s backyard or a local dog-friendly park or beach, a dog party is a win-win for you and your pup. 
  5. Let your pup rest easy with a comfortable new bed. There’s no better excuse to splurge than now. Do your research to find a bed that’s sustainably made and we guarantee it’ll be an investment you and your pup will feel good about. .  After all, it’s a rufflife being adorable all the time.

Happy National Dog Day!

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