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Lynnwood to hold Public Hearing on Outpatient Substance Abuse Facilities

LYNNWOODWash., September 16, 2023—Lynnwood City Council will host a Business Meeting at 6 p.m., Monday, September 25, to vote on a resolution revising the Lynnwood Municipal Urban Growth Area (MUGA), hold a public hearing on an ordinance related to Essential Public Facilities and Outpatient Substance Abuse Facilities, and discuss a rise in attorney fees. The Lynnwood City Council Business Meeting will be held in-person and virtually by Zoom or Lynnwood, WA Video Archive (swagit.com).

To view the agenda in its entirety, click here.

Public Hearing: Essential Public Facilities & Outpatient Substance Abuse Facilities

A public hearing will be held at City Council on September 25 regarding the draft ordinance. In preparation for the hearing, Community Planning Manager Karl Almgren will present to the council an ordinance related to Essential Public Facilities and Outpatient Substance Abuse Facilities for Council’s consideration and action. The draft ordinance complies with state law, addresses Planning Commission recommendations, and Council discussion.

A public hearing is required prior to consideration of the draft ordinance. Supporting Documentation:

Lynnwood Municipal Urban Growth Area – Meadowdale

Planning Manager Karl Almgren will brief the Lynnwood City Council on the revising the Lynnwood Municipal Urban Growth Area (MUGA) to move a portion of Meadowdale into the city of Edmonds MUGA.

On May 1st, City Council was briefed on annexation including the Meadowdale Neighborhood’s intention to become incorporated into the City of Edmonds. On September 5, City of Edmonds adopted a resolution to initiate discussions with Snohomish County and City of Lynnwood regarding possible annexation of a neighborhood in the Lynnwood Municipal Urban Growth Area (MUGA).

Substance Abuse Facilities
SOURCE: City of Lynnwood

The Meadowdale neighborhood is a residential area including 47 homes from 161st Pl SW to the southern boundary of Meadowdale Beach Park and east of 68th Ave W. The neighborhood is addressed as Edmonds and the residents have requested that the City of Edmonds annex their properties. Edmonds is not able to annex the area until the MUGA boundary is revised.

To proceed with this request, Lynnwood City Council could adopt a resolution which would initiate conversations with the City of Edmonds and Snohomish County. Following discussions, an interlocal agreement (ILA) would then need to be negotiated and approved by Lynnwood and Edmonds to complete the steps for the MUGA transfer. This action would require the concurrence of Snohomish County.

Revising the boundary of the MUGA does not annex the property into Edmonds. Additional steps by City of Edmonds would be required at a later date to complete the annexation.

Supporting Documentation:

American Rescue Plan Act Funding allocations

Council members will discuss and make motions to allocate remaining ARPA funds of $144,176.71 to various recipients who have submitted proposals. Below are the proposed projects:

  • Heroes Café: Food and Hotel costs, $10,000
  • Clothes for Kids: Job Training Interpreters, $16.500
  • Homage Senior Services: Center for Healthy Living, $150,000
  • Jean Kim Foundation: Hygiene Center, $36,475
  • City of Lynnwood: Fencing for Gold Park, $50,000

Discussion: Attorney Invoices

The Lynnwood City Council will discuss a review of attorney fees to date and recommendations. Total to-date billing this year is $26,619.61 as of July 2023—28% higher than this time last year ($20,839.50). The city allocated a total of $73,000 for the biennium and at its current rate, the city will use 60% of the biennium budget for legal expenses this year alone.

Substance Abuse Facilities
Attorney Hours Billed. SOURCE: City of Lynnwood

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