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Letter-to-Editor: Mike Dixon, the ideal choice for Mukilteo City Council

I am writing to express my wholehearted support the candidacy of Mike Dixon for Mukilteo City Council Position 5. 

In this pivotal time for our community, it is essential to have leaders who bring a combination of diverse experiences, a commitment to service, and a sincere dedication to improving our city’s quality of life. Mike Dixon embodies these qualities, and his background is a testament to his readiness to serve.

Mike’s 30-year career spanning both public and private sectors, from startup to Fortune 50 companies, demonstrates his versatile expertise. 

Having been a resident of Mukilteo since 2007, a parent with children in our local schools, and a small business owner in Old Town, Mike is deeply rooted in our community. He has actively contributed to our city through various elected, appointed, and volunteer roles since 2012, which speaks to his unwavering commitment to Mukilteo’s well-being.

What sets Mike apart is his commitment to represent all Mukilteans and his dedication to preserving and enhancing our quality of life. Under his leadership, we can continue to build on our city’s accolades, such as being nationally ranked by Money Magazine as a top 10 small town to live in.

Mike’s background as a servant leader, with 8 years in the Army Reserves and a strong military service tradition, highlights his dedication to selfless service. He has received military training at prestigious institutions and served in roles that demand discipline, dedication, and leadership.

His educational background from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor of Science in Management Science and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management provides him with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the complex issues facing our city.

Furthermore, Mike’s three successful elections as a Water & Wastewater District (WWD) Commissioner and his current position as Mukilteo WWD Board President showcases his ability to effectively serve our community by helping advocate and oversee infrastructure improvements to keep our water clean, safe, and reliable.

Mike being selected by his peers to serve as the Chairman of Mukilteo’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commission reflects his commitment to equity and inclusion, to ensure everyone’s voice is heard when shaping our city’s policies.

His skillset, including policy development, financial analysis, capital planning, and public governance, equips him to address the real and compelling challenges Mukilteo faces today.

Mike Dixon is the kind of leader Mukilteo needs at this crucial juncture. He brings a wealth of experience, a dedication to service, and a vision to enhance our quality of life. I urge my fellow residents to support Mike Dixon for Mukilteo City Council Position 5, ensuring a brighter future for our beautiful city.


David Puvirajasingam, Mukilteo Resident 

DISCLAIMER: The views and comments expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Lynnwood Times nor any of its affiliates.

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