Do-It-Yourself: Seed Paper

Recycle this paper into a beautiful bouquet!


You can turn this newspaper into guiltfree litter. You can toss it on the ground and pat yourself on the back while you wait for spring flowers!

To make plantable seed paper, you will need a newspaper, some warm water, a blender, some food coloring, a packet of flower seeds, a fine mesh strainer, a spoon or a spatula, a tea towel, and a clean dry sponge.

Shred pages of newspaper and put it into the blender until it is half full. Then pour warm water into the blender until it reaches the maximum fill line. Allow the paper to soften in the water for five minutes. Then blend the mixture until it reaches a smooth, uniform consistency.

To tint the paper (optional), add a few drops of food coloring to the mixture and pulse it until evenly combined.

Next, STIR a packet of wildflower seeds into the paper mixture. It is critical that you DO NOT BLEND the seeds or your paper will not sprout!

Pour the mixture into a fine mesh strainer to drain off most of the water. Spread a tea or dish towel onto a smooth flat surface. Dump the paper mixture onto it and spread it out as thinly as you can. The thinner the layer, the sooner it will dry.

Next, blot the layer of paper mixture with a clean dry sponge to remove more moisture. Let the paper dry for several hours or, preferably, overnight. When one side has dried, flip the paper over to allow the other side to dry. Once both sides have dried, you will have a beautiful sheet of homemade plantable seed paper that you may cut into any shapes you like.

Use it to make cards, print invitations, write notes, or to create any stationary project. When you’re done using it, plant the seed paper directly into some soil. Add water and watch your flowers grow!

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