July 15, 2024 8:14 pm

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Eggs-plore Artist: Amanda DeSilver


Amanda DeSilver’s “High C/120 DB” is located at Trinity Lutheran Church on 196th Avenue.

Primarily a landscape painter that uses acrylic on canvas, Amanda also enjoys incorporating printmaking and mixed-media into her work. “I love trying new techniques,” she said. She has been drawing and painting since she was young, and she eventually graduated Syracuse University with a degree in Fine Arts.

Amanda has been working and showing her art in the Puget Sound area since the 1990s. Additionally, she loves the outdoors, specifically hiking and biking. She enjoys cooking, attending concerts, and is an avid WHL fan, specifically a fan of the Seattle Thunderbirds.

Amanda found creating her egg to be a lot of fun and said that the organizers of the event have been a pleasure to work with. She found out about the opportunity through the Artist Trust website, a website on which she finds a lot of artist calls.
She had done some work using CDs and LP record pieces as a mosaic material previous, so she thought that these materials would work well with an egg project. She specifically wanted the materials to mimic a broken shell. “The human voice is said to be able to shatter glass at high C and 120 decibels, so I thought, why not an eggshell?” she asked.

“Art is a skill,” Amanda said. “And like any other skill it takes practice and perseverance to master… If you have something to say, find a way to express it.”

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