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“Pick Nick” campaign kicks off in full swing at Big E Ales

By MARIO LOTMORE | Last Updated: September 19, 2019

On Saturday, September 14, roughly 50 supporters attended the campaign kickoff for Nick Coelho at Big E Ales in Lynnwood. Coelho is running for Lynnwood City Council Pos. 6 against incumbent George Hurst.

Coelho is running on a campaign for diverse housing options for residents, solutions for families affected by drug addiction, and promoting small businesses in Lynnwood. “Understanding that time is money is key to successful management,” said Nick Coelho. “As a councilman, I will focus on promoting an environment that is safe for businesses and that has the right infrastructure in place.”

Coelho committed to the continued development of Lynnwood’s City Center stating it will be a magnet for the community. Coelho then shared his personal story of the tragic death of his brother to drug addiction. “We must treat drug addiction as a disease and find new approaches to criminal justice that reduce recidivism.”

Former Lynnwood City Council candidate Ashkan Amouzegar was the emcee for this event. Current Lynnwood Councilmembers Shannon Sessions and Christine Frizzell, and former Lynnwood Councilman Christopher Boyer attended the event along with Mayor Nicola Smith, all of whom have endorsed Coelho.

Senator Jesse Salomon (LD-32) and Legislative Representative Cindy Ryu (LD-32) have also thrown their support behind Coelho.

Both Smith and Big E Alehouse owner Rick Ellersick described Coelho as a good researcher and in tune with the needs of residents to move Lynnwood forward.

For more information about Nick Coelho or to volunteer for his campaign, visit www.lynnwoodforward.com.

2 thoughts on ““Pick Nick” campaign kicks off in full swing at Big E Ales

  • Hey Annie! While George and I may be engaging in a sign arms race, I have gone out of my way to make sure that both of ours remain clear of each other and unobstructed. While sign stealing/damaging has been extremely prevalent this election–I’ve had at least eight signs stolen from my front yard–I sent an email to George’s campaign the moment I saw what you also witnessed and explained that for engaged voters it could look like something shady on the part of my campaign.

    My take is it’s just bored passerby who think it is fun to damage property. After all, who cares about politicians? That’s just life I guess. 🙂

  • This message is for Nick C. I was walking east on 196th across freeway bridge on north side. Saw 3 Nick signs up with Hurst signs knocked down very near. This looks very bad on Nick. Remedy it please. Planning on voting for Nick.
    But not if this kind of campaigning continues.


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