Halloween Pet Costume Winners

Our winner for the Lynnwood Times Halloween Pet Costume Contest was Hammer! His owner, Nancy Irwin, adopted him in 2010. Though she doesn’t know exactly what breed he is, she guesses that he is Papillion due to his ears and German Spitz for his color and body style.

Lynnwood Halloween Pet Costume
Photo of Hammer.

“He gets pretty excited around new people or car rides. He’s really friendly and enjoys going to work with me. We do not have any other pets, unless you include dust bunnies,” Irwin said.

Irwin has been dressing up Hammer for Halloween since she has gotten him, and when she takes her son out trick or treating, she also tries to dress Hammer in a Halloween pet Costume as long as it’s not raining. She mainly takes pictures of him in the Halloween Pet Costume to share with family and friends.

Lynnwood Halloween Pet Costume 2
Photo of Sedilla.

Our other winner is Sedilla, but we have not received a response from their owner. If you are Sedilla’s owner or know who owns them, please email

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