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New Year’s Eve at Lynnwood Bowl and Skate

New Year’s Eve at Lynnwood Bowl and Skate
By Luke Putvin | Lynnwood Times

The bowling lane area at Lynnwood Bowl and Skate was lit by black lights on New Year’s Eve. Many people were there to celebrate going into the new year. People of all ages chose to bowl, skate or do both to welcome in the new year.

Jessica White, General Manager of Lynnwood Bowl and Skate since 2015, said that they have been doing a New Year’s event of this magnitude since she started. The business did balloon drops before she started, but they were not as large as they are now. “Every year gets bigger,” she said.

Last year, Lynnwood Bowl and Skate saw 262 attendees, and White expected about 300 this year.

At nine o’clock, there is a countdown for the kids, and at midnight, both the bowling and the skating side synchronize their countdowns. Whether one bought a bowling package or a skating package, everyone was welcome to go to the skating side to watch the 5000 balloons drop.

“Here’s the thing,” White said, “I don’t really do anything for New Year’s; I just love being here. The energy is really high.”

This New Year’s celebration was also family-friendly and welcoming to all ages, which is not extremely common for New Year’s celebrations. “We have alcohol, totally,” White said. Lynnwood Bowl and Skate does have a designated bar area. “Get a drink, absolutely. But you can also have your kids here.” She emphasized wanting to keep the space family-oriented and maintaining an atmosphere where everybody is welcome.

Marie, a Lynnwood resident, was on the skating side. She was here to welcome the new year with her daughter and her daughter’s friend. They came here because it was one of the only family-friendly celebrations in the area. “[My daughter] has always wanted to cheer in the new year, and this seemed like the perfect place to do it,” Marie said.

White hoped people walked away with the magic of it all. “It’s crazy, and everyone’s so happy. It’s really magical… I hope this is a positive start to 2020 and a memorable experience for people.”

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