Sparkle Wash starts sanitization services to keep the Lynnwood community safe

by Erin Freeman

To help essential services continue to keep spaces safe for community members, a Lynnwood power washing company has shut down normal business operations to provide sanitization and disinfection services.  

“We wash buildings normally and we’ve been doing some sanitation services at select locations over the years, but because of the virus we have closed down our normal business, said the owner of Sparkle Wash Puget Sound, James Pace. “The only service we’re offering right now is sanitizing and disinfecting.” 

The Sparkle Wash Professional Pressure Washing company started in Cleveland, Ohio 55 years ago and has since expanded nationwide. Pace and his wife Dana opened the Puget Sound location in Lynnwood over 10 years ago after losing their jobs during the Great Recession. 

“It was really because of the last recession. We lost our jobs and started this business when we saw a need to wash buildings,” said Pace. “A need is a need, so no project is ever too big or too small for us.”

With the spread of coronavirus and an increased risk of infection in public spaces, Pace saw an opportunity to fill another immediate need in the community. He ordered the necessary bleach-based soap in bulk and temporarily transitioned the business model from power washing to disinfecting high-touch locations.   

“Right now, we’re focusing on working with essential services. In grocery stores, we’re sanitizing grocery carts and the entryways. We’re also working with any daycare facilities that remain open.” 

Up until recently, the pressure washing company has primarily provided services for commercial buildings and residential homes but are now seeing an opportunity to continue to expand their sanitation service. 

“I think that once this crisis passes, people will continue to want to practice sanitizing everything, like outdoor eating areas and parks, even bleachers and stadiums. Any place where a virus could be lurking,” said Pace. 

The challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic pose to Lynnwood are relatively new, and Pace believes it’s essential to provide support to the community. 

“We turned to this because we want to be good citizens. We can provide this service and it’s needed, so we’re doing it. I think we should, as a society, just support each other where we can,” explained Pace.

For more information about using Sparkle Wash of Puget Sound’s sanitizing and disinfection services, visit

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