Lynnwood Public Works crews keeping us safe

Lynnwood Public Works crews keeping us safe
By Luke Putvin | Lynnwood Times Staff

Many City of Lynnwood employees are working remotely at this time, but one essential group that continues to be out and about is the Building and Maintenance Crew of the Public Works Department.

“Although our city buildings are closed to the public, we are increasing our cleaning efforts to keep the environment clean for our essential employees,” said Julie Moore, Public Affairs Officer with the City of Lynnwood.

The Building and Maintenance Crew has a total of five people. Before COVID-19, their tasks included repairs, preventative maintenance, room set-up, safety, management of janitorial duties and supplies, minor remodel work and other tasks. Currently, they perform the same tasks, but there is a much stronger emphasis on sanitizing and cleaning.

“They are doing daily sweeps, sanitizing main areas, doors, bathrooms and keeping sanitizer and wipes in the various areas,” Moore added. “They are also being called upon to do deep cleans as needed.”

The crews are also following the CDC guidelines for personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning possible exposed areas.

In addition to the Building and Maintenance Crew, the Waste Water Treatment Plant, Street Maintenance, Utilities Maintenance, Building & Maintenance and Fleet crews are considered essential employees. The city has taken precautions and made adjustments to ensure their safety, such as staggering their shift start times and staggering schedules to reduce the amount of times employees come into contact with each other.

“Our employees are wearing PPEs and practicing good social distancing when working on assignments,” said Moore.

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