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Jun 28 – Jul 4: Family Relations Gone Wrong

From June 28 through July 4, Lynnwood PD reported a total of 115 incidents. Additionally, the Lynnwood Police Department cited about 70 calls pertaining to firework complaints related to the July 4 weekend.

According to the report, there were three deaths reported in Lynnwood; however, no foul play was suspected. There was also one case of a missing person who returned a few hours later.

Below are two cases from last week that deserve a notable mention.

Liquor violation: “Thou shall not lie”

On July 4, as an officer was making his rounds, he noticed a suspicious vehicle parked at a Wells Fargo parking lot. As the officer approached the vehicle, the car door opened. There was a strong odor of alcohol. The officer asked the three individuals to step out of the vehicle.

The 18 year old driver appeared intoxicated and provided false information to the officer. The driver was charged with minor intoxication in a public place and for lying to the officer about his real name and other information. 

When asked by the officer why he lied, the male replied, “Honestly I was just scared when you pulled up… I just made up a name and I know it was not right.” The male driver and two other occupants who were not cited were released.

Beer Theft: Family Relations Gone Wrong On June 29, the owner of a Korean restaurant called 911 to report that on June 28, his brother-in-law walked out of his restaurant with a $12 beer without paying. The owner stated he wants to press charges. The officer reached out to the brother-in-law who didn’t respond to several calls. Due to probable cause of theft, the brother-in-law could be arrested for third degree theft.

Listed below are the recorded number of incidents:

  • Two abandoned vehicle calls
  • One AOA Fire
  • One felony assault
  • Six misdemeanor assaults
  • Six burglaries
  • Three civil calls
  • One collision
  • Five court order violations
  • One CPS call
  • Three death investigations (deaths not suspicious nor involving criminal investigations)
  • Six domestic calls without assault
  • One call about found property
  • Two calls pertaining to fraud and forgery
  • Two identity theft
  • Three lost property calls
  • One felony Malicious Mischief charge
  • Five misdemeanor malicious mischief
  • One adult missing person who returned few hours later
  • Two Felony PSP (suspected person)
  • One misdemeanor PSP (suspected person)
  • Four sex offenses
  • Six suspicious circumstances
  • Five felony theft
  • 14 Misdemeanor theft
  • Five traffic offenses
  • Three trespass violations
  • Three felony vehicle prowls
  • Eight misdemeanor vehicle prowl
  • Five vehicle theft
  • Three Misdemeanor VUCSA
  • Four arrest warrants
  • One weapons violations

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