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Commentary: Culp statement on Defunding the Seattle Police Department

By Loren Culp | Commentary

It used to be that law and order was embraced by elected public servants, but from the governor on down, we see the exact opposite happening with democrats.

Inslee locked down law-abiding citizens, then turned loose 5,000 felons from state prisons. Many whom have already reoffended. He is having departments fine small businesses tens of thousands of dollars, while allowing big box stores to operate as normal. Now we have the Seattle City Council laying off able-bodied police officers, while there is still rioting and looting happening in the streets every night.

We are seeing the Democrat road map of how they want to pass federal legislation and let it trickle down to the local police departments gutting our law enforcement officers. There are thousands of excellent police officers willing to do their job of bringing law and order to our communities, but are under the stranglehold of the Democratic leadership in our state. One of the major team of officers that are getting defunded in Seattle is the Navigation Team, which will leave the unauthorized homeless camps without supervision to run amuck in Seattle. This is not the Seattle that was coined the Emerald City in 1982. It is not the shining beacon of light it once was. This is not the Washington that I grew up in. This is not the Washington I raised my kids up in during the 80’s and 90’s.

As Governor, I will return law and order to our State. I will make public safety a priority. We must defend our police, not defund them. We cannot continue to reward bad behavior because that leads to more and more bad behavior and lawlessness. The citizens of Washington State deserve safety in our communities with a respect for their rights. That is what I will bring to our State as We the People lead Washington’s comeback.

Best regards,
Loren Culp
Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

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