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2020 Primary results: Highest turnout in 56 years

By Alec Dietz | Lynnwood Times Staff

With its highest voter turnout in a primary in years, Snohomish County’s election results from the Washington State Primary elections are in as of Aug. 18 around noon. Snohomish County saw 53.76% of its registered voters submit ballots, up from 33.57% in the 2016 primaries and 37.03% in the 2018 primary elections.

Statewide, as of Aug. 18, 54.37% of registered Washington voters submitted a ballot, the first time that figure has been above 50% since 1964. Only the counties of Spokane and Yakima posted voter turnout percentages less than 50%.

Following the results, Washington State Democrat Party Chair Tina Podlodowski said in a statement:

Tina Podlodowski

“In every race and in every place, Washingtonians are turning out in droves to send a clear message to the GOP: stick with the president whose failed leadership is prolonging the pandemic and we’ll send you packing. No amount of conspiracy theorizing or fearmongering from Trump or the WA GOP can overcome the very real consequences of Trump’s failure to contain the pandemic that every American is living through every single day.” 

Washington State Republican Party Chairman Caleb Heimlich also provided a statement on the results.

Caleb Heimlich

“Tuesday’s Primary results prove, yet again, that voters are frustrated with the Washington status quo and sick of being ignored by the state’s liberal elites.  Democrats have abandoned the reasonable, moderate voter and embraced the far-left’s dangerous agenda to defund the police and force an awful comprehensive sex education curriculum into schools across the state. These efforts to appease their radical base are inconsistent with what Washington voters want.

“Between the strong showings for Republicans in key legislative races, the dismal performance by current Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal, and Governor Inslee barely breaching 50% as a two-term incumbent, we are looking forward to the next three months.

“Additionally, Republicans have an opportunity to flip back the 8th Congressional District after a disastrous Primary showing by Rep. Kim Schrier. We are certainly encouraged by the Aug. 4 results”

Federal races

In U.S. Congressional District 2, Democrat Rick Larsen and Republican Tim Hazelo will face off in November, with Larsen taking 48.52% of the vote and Hazelo garnering 14.91%

State Executive races

In the Governor’s race, incumbent Jay Inslee easily moved through the primary with a 50.13% statewide lead, and will face off in the general election against Republican challenger Loren Culp, who fended off a group of other Republican candidates with 17.41% of the statewide vote.

Two Democrats advanced in the Lieutenant Governor race, with Denny Heck leading the way at 25.01% and Marko Liias rounding out the candidates moving forward at 18.52%. With no official Republican candidates on the ballot, former gubernatorial candidate and Bothell mayor Joshua Freed has announced a write-in campaign to compete with the Democrat candidates. Freed received 8.94% of the Governor race vote.

The Secretary of State race will come down to incumbent Kim Wyman (R) and Democrat challenger Gael Tarleton. Wyman finished with 50.89% of the statewide vote, and Tarleton will move forward with 43.28% of the statewide vote.

In the State Treasurer race, incumbent Duane A. Davidson (R) will move forward, but was beaten in the primaries by challenger Mike Pellicciotti (D). Davidson received 46.68% of the vote, but Pellicciotti maintained the lead throughout with 53.22% of the statewide vote.

Chris Leyba (R) and Pat McCarthy (D) moved forward in the State Auditor race, with 41.08% and 47.41% of the vote, respectively.

Bob Ferguson (D) easily advanced in the Attorney General race, garnering 55.79% of the vote, with Republican Matt Larkin moving forward 23.68% as the second-leading vote-getter.

Hilary Franz (D) and Sue Pederson (R) will face off in the general election for Commissioner of Public Lands, with Franz getting 51.13% of the vote and Pederson getting 23.4%.

Democrat Chris Reykdal (40.24%) and Republican Maia Espinoza (25.28%) will appear on the ballot for Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Democrat Mike Kreidler (59.03%) and Republican Chirayu Ratel (27.12%) will face off in the Insurance Commissioner race.

Legislative races

The Legislative District 1 race saw Democrat Derek Stanford (63.47%) and Republican Art Coday (36.44%) move forward for the State Senate position, Democrat Davina Duerr (66.69%) and Republican Adam Bartholomew (33.23%) move forward for the first position and Democrat Shelley Kloba (62.5%) and Republican Jeb Brewer (25.04%) move forward for the second position.

The Legislative District 10 race saw Republican Ron Muzzall (50.8%) and Democrat Helen Johnson (49.09%) move forward for the State Senate position, Republican Greg Gilday (46.23%) and Democrat Angie Homola (26.08%) move forward for the first position and Republican Bill Bruch (48.68%) and Democrat Dave Paul (47.02%) move forward for the second position.

The Legislative District 21 race saw Democrat Strom Peterson (55.59%) and Republican Brian Thompson (34.82%) move forward for the first position and Democrat Lillian Ortiz-Self (64.68%) and Republican Amy Schaper (32.77%) move forward for the second position.

In the Legislative District 32 race, Democrats Cindy Ryu (55.49%) and Shirley Sutton (29.31%) moved forward for the first position, and Democrat Lauren Davis (65.85%) and non-partisan candidate Tamra Smilanich (21.52%) moved on for the second position.

The Legislative District 38 race saw Democrat June Robinson (45.23%) and Republican Bernard Moody (40.62%) move forward for State Senator, Democrat Emily Wicks (49.44%) and Republican Bert Johnson (37.93%) move forward for the first position, and Democrat Mike Sells (67.37%) and Republican David Wiley (30.91%) move forward for the second position.

The Legislative District 39 race saw Republican Keith Wagner (66.88%) and Democrat Kathryn Lewandowsky (32.86%) move forward for State Senator, Republican Robert Sutherland (61.29%) and Democrat Claus Joens (38.56%) move forward for the first position, and Republican Carolyn Eslick (48.98%) and Democrat Ryan Johnson (35.7%) move forward for the second position.

Lastly, in the Legislative District 44 race, Democrat John Lovick (55.54%) and Republican John T. Kartak (44.33%) both moved forward to the general election for the first position and in the second position, Republican Mark James (47.38%) and Democrat April Berg (32.56%) will face off for the second position.

County race

In local elections, incumbent Jared Mead (D) will face off against Brenda Carrington (R) for the Snohomish County Council District Four. Mead received 43.19% of the vote as opposed to Carrington’s 29.87%.

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