One thought on “Establishing a Neighborhood Watch group

  • Aug 1 2023
    Dear Neighborhood Watch:

    Two years ago, after his roommate Grace made him jealous, I was physically assaulted by Glenn who lives in lot # 34 at Twin Cedars Trailer Park in Lynnwood, WA. The next day I told the management, who at that time was Jaime, what happened. She told me two things:

    Next time call the police, never let anyone put their hands on you.

    One night Grace got drunk and admitted to everyone that Glen is a pedophile. The next day they pretended like nothing happened, be careful they’re dangerous.

    I kept that piece of information withheld, much like the way I’ve avoided calling the cops, because I’ve been trying to distance myself from conflict. I’ve noticed that conflict seems to come from Glen & Grace though. There were two times recently where I was not at the trailer park. I went to jail twice for failure to appear in court. Both times I came back to my place and my laundry was sitting in a bag on my doorstep, it had children’s underwear in it. The first time it happened I thought wow that’s weird and forgot about it. The second time I realized that this is a pattern. There is only one person in the area that was labeled a pedophile and that is Glen in lot #3 in Twin Cedars Trailer Park of Lynnwood WA. He was labeled as such by his own roommate Grace as I previously mentioned. She also goes by the name Nancy as well. When children’s underwear shows up in the laundry of a single male neighbor once, that’s very weird. When it happens twice it’s extremely disturbing.

    In addition to this, I have personally witnessed Grace approach my neighbor and announce that “The candyman is in town”. Now that doesn’t always mean there is a new batch of cocaine, but it usually does. Then combine that with the fact that the first thing Grace asked me when I moved into the park was “Do you like cocaine? Do you want to buy any cocaine?” I said no “I’m too high strung as it is”.

    So when these facts are presented, Glen and Grace are showing the M.O. of a couple who sells drugs and is connected to pedophilia. These facts can be checked by asking the property management about the validity of Jaime’s word. She is a mother, and at the time she and her husband were Park Managers. These aren’t allegations people make up just to have something to chat about, especially not the park manager.

    Glen and Grace have both gone out of their way to verbally argue with me, and then tell management and other neighbors that I’m out of control. I posted part of this information on the Twin Cedars Facebook page but it was erased and I was blocked. I decided to share these facts with the Neighborhood Watch of Lynnwood WA. because these are the things I’m assuming you would want to know about. I have a neighbor who is hiding something sick and pointing his finger at me and I want that on record. Not calling the cops doesn’t distance me from conflict. If I don’t report a crime I’ve seen, the people who committed that crime can come up with a false narrative that vindicates them and implicates me instead. When crimes like this are being committed, I need to be very careful of that. With children’s underwear showing up twice in my laundry, I believe this is DEFINITELY something that needs to be reported.


    Twin Cedars RV Park
    Sincerely, 17826 #3 Hwy 99
    Barrington Barisic Lynnwood, WA 98037


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