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Upcoming committee hearings, Feb 22-26, 2021

Go to TVW for broadcasts of committee hearings, work sessions and Floor action. If you’re interested in a particular event, but were not able to watch it live, TVW has you covered with its extensive and easy to search archives.

Holding a remote session does not mean you don’t get to have your say. We have a brand new system for you to submit testimony on any bill.


Health & Long-Term Care2/22/2021 8:00 AM

Public Hearing: SB 5371 – Funding public health services and health equity initiatives through a statewide sweetened beverage tax. (Remote testimony.)

Ways & Means2/22/2021 9:30 AM

Executive Session:

1.   SSB 5265 – Creating a bridge year pilot program.

2.   SSB 5249 – Supporting mastery-based learning.

3.   SSB 5147 – Addressing learning loss by exploring alternative school calendars.

4.   SB 5242 – Supporting media literacy and digital citizenship.

5.   SB 5043 – Providing housing to school district employees.

6.   SSB 5194 – Providing for equity and access in the community and technical colleges.

7.   SSB 5317 – Concerning pesticide registration and pesticide licensing fees.

8.   SSB 5253 – Implementing the recommendations of the pollinator health task force.

9.   SB 5220 – Concerning the taxation of salmon recovery grants by updating the state business and occupation tax deduction for these grants, creating a sales and use tax exemption for grant proceeds received by recipients of these grants, and clarifying the sales and use tax obligations for goods and services purchased by recipients of these grants.

10.   SSB 5000 – Concerning hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

11.   SSB 5287 – Concerning affordable housing incentives.

12.   SB 5159 – Concerning payments in lieu of real property taxes by the department of the fish and wildlife.

13.   SSB 5313 – Concerning health insurance discrimination.

14.   SSB 5377 – Increasing affordability of standardized plans on the individual market.

15.   SSB 5399 – Concerning the creation of a universal health care commission.

16.   SSB 5325 – Concerning telemedicine.

17.   SSB 5420 – Concerning data reporting requirements for hospitals.

18.   SSB 5203 – Producing, distributing, and purchasing generic prescription drugs.

19.   SSB 5333 – Concerning void and unenforceable clauses in public works contracts related to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic emergency proclamations.

20.   SSB 5417 – Extending certain privileges granted to liquor licensees to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

21.   SSB 5329 – Concerning the distribution of aircraft fuel tax revenue.

22.   SSB 5293 – Addressing mental health sentencing alternatives.

23.   SSB 5195 – Concerning opioid overdose reversal medication.

24.   SSB 5071 – Creating transition teams to assist specified persons under civil commitment.

25.   SSB 5362 – Ensuring the funding of agricultural fairs.

26.   SSB 5404 – Addressing the impacts of pinnipeds on populations of threatened southern resident orca prey.

27.   SSB 5383 – Authorizing a public utility district to provide retail telecommunications services in unserved areas under certain conditions.

28.   SSB 5188 – Concerning creation of the Washington state public financial cooperative.

29.   SB 5316 – Concerning oversight of state financial management.

30.   SB 5162 – Concerning unanticipated revenue.

31.   SJR 8200 – Proposing an amendment to the Constitution concerning the investment of funds to provide for long-term care services and supports.

32.   SSB 5353 – Creating a partnership model that facilitates community engagement with law enforcement.

33.   SSB 5368 – Encouraging rural economic development.

34.   SSB 5241 – Promoting economic inclusion.

35.   SSB 5378 – Concerning real estate brokers and managing brokers license renewal requirements.

36.   SB 5405 – Instructing the joint legislative audit and review committee to perform racial equity analyses.

37.   SSB 5395 – Concerning use of state resources during periods where state employees are required to work from home.

38.   SB 5454 – Providing property tax relief to Washington citizens who lost their homes in the labor day fires.


Law & Justice2/25/2021 8:30 AM

Executive Session:

1.   HB 1042 – Revising the international application of the uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act to protect families from facing the death penalty in certain foreign jurisdictions on the basis of religious beliefs, political beliefs, or sexual orientation.

Public Hearing:

1.   HB 1001 – Establishing a law enforcement professional development outreach grant program. (Remote testimony.)

2.   SHB 1088 – Concerning potential impeachment disclosures. (Remote testimony.)

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