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Big corporations, lockdowns and COVID, oh my!

Big corporation haters lament: corporations fuel commercialism, drive out small businesses, inject millions of dollars into elections, unfairly influence our political system, and are just plain EVIL.

Pop culture in turn, often echoes these sentiments and paints corporations as the bad guys. The Resident Evil franchise exemplifies this since the Umbrella Corporation’s research is what spawns the creation of undead masses.

Just imagine the ensuing public relations nightmare: “Our stocks went down how much just because of flesh-eating zombies?”

So, if corporations are so evil, it’d be crazy to support policies that disproportionately benefit corporations, right?

Well, thanks to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, many big corporations like Wal-Mart and Clorox are swimming in cash. Online sales have surged Amazon’s value to $1.7 trillion… that’s trillion with a “T.”

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ net worth more than doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic from $97 billion in early March 2020 to $204.6 billion as of August 2020 according to Forbes and Bloomberg.

Bill Gates got primed!  

But here’s the kicker, many of the same politicians who support COVID-19 shutdowns are anti-corporation. Yet the shutdowns directly benefit the big corporations they claim to hate.

Gimme a Break!

According to the Washington Post article, America’s biggest companies are flourishing during the pandemic and putting thousands of people out of work, small business revenue shrank 12% nationally over the first nine months of 2020; whereas, the top 50 companies averaged a 2% growth within the same period.

Small businesses were unable to keep stores open over the pandemic. Companies such as Nvidia, Microsoft, Home Depot and Wal-Mart and saw 49%, 13%, 9% and 6% revenue growth, respectively, within the first nine months of 2020 when compared to 2019.

Isn’t it about time to allow small businesses to compete against corporations on the open market once again? Or do we continue to endure the wrath of Kens and Karens, unwitting agents of big corporate overlords, who have bullied their way into our subconscious?

Here’s an idea… Buy from small businesses only and boycott big corporations as much as possible! Or…. Gasp… Ease restrictions or end them completely!

Gimme a Break: Thought-provoking humorous insight for the reader on the run brought to you by Chad Lee.

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