June 2021 Horoscope

June is the month of the ”Summer Solstice” – the longest day of the year and a time when the nights start to draw in again. Occurring on June 20th this year, it’s seen by many societies as a time of exuberant festivals and rituals. So, maybe a good time to let your hair down and celebrate!

ARIES: Try holding me back! It doesn’t take much to get me going – and when I do you won’t see me for dust! Of course you can join me if you like, but you may find it hard to keep up!

TAURUS: I may not be dancing in the streets but I can have a good time in my own sweet way. Perhaps a good meal with a few beverages would be something to consider!

GEMINI: I’ve been extremely mentally active of late – nothing new here! But I could well do with letting my hair down for once. Text me and we’ll think it through or something!

CANCER: I probably feel best when I’m in the heart of my family- or at least feeding them. So if the mood takes me, I could probably prepare a feast that is fit for a king – or a queen!

LEO: The party probably won’t start until I get there anyway, so clear the decks for me to make a big, dramatic entrance for everyone. After that, you’re all on your own!

VIRGO: I’m generally not one for celebrating too much. But if you tell me what you want, I’ll make all the arrangements. However, I’ll need lots of details to make it perfect!

LIBRA: Don’t rely on me to make the arrangements as I’m not particularly good at being decisive. But I’ll definitely keep the party going and sort out any differences if they happen!

SCORPIO: You won’t see me celebrating on the surface but for sure there’s a lot going on underneath. I’m the cool and steely type you see, but I’ll be there if you invite me!

SAGITTARIUS: As long as we don’t do the “same old, same old things” I’m in. You see, I’m all for exploring the new, as well as discovering new experiences. So let’s do that!

CAPRICORN: I’m a bit of a traditionalist myself, and really good at planning things long term. So give me plenty of warning of whaf’s happening – although I may not dance much!

AQUARIUS: OK, so I may be eccentric and a law unto myself at times, but I do love to mix in social gatherings. So regardless of style or culture, I’ll be there doing my own thing!

PISCES: I hope there’ll be lots of bright lights, music and color. I love nothing more than escaping out of the humdrum and into the romantic. So fly me to the moon, etc.!

June 2021 Horoscope Key Dates

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NOTE: Whereas it’s popularly believed that astrologers assert that all people of the same Sign of the Zodiac will experience the same things, it is not so.

When we are born our Birth Chart shows specific sensitive points that are unique to us and us alone. Consequently, when the planets move through the Zodiac on a regular basis, they can trigger those sensitive points for us – which of course means that not everyone in a Sign is affected in the same way at the same time.

Therefore it pays us all to know our personal Birth Charts well!

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