Jennifer States joins Maritime Blue as VP of Projects & Strategy

SEATTLE Wash. – Jennifer States will work as part of the Executive Management Team to strategically advance the development and implementation of Joint Innovation Projects, stakeholder management, and partnership building at Maritime Blue. Her role is to support members and partner organizations to co-create key demonstration projects through a collaborative and whole systems design process.  

Jennifer States Maritime Blue
Jennifer States

“We could not be more excited to bring Jennifer over to focus all of her expertise and experience working on these projects directly with our members and partners,” says Joshua Berger, Maritime Blue’s Founder and President/CEO. “Jennifer has supported our efforts since the very beginning. Now is exactly the time for us to invest in leadership to develop further projects with our partners to support our industry’s greatest growth opportunities, work every day to support communities, and address our ocean’s biggest challenges.”

Washington Maritime Blue continues to grow and provide a platform for collaborative research and development, Joint Innovation Projects (JIPs), business development, and teaming for grant opportunities to implement demonstration projects and drive early-stage technology to commercialization for a sustainable and equitable Blue Economy. Modeling other global centers of excellence, we use the collective strength of our Cluster to implement the State’s Strategy for the Blue Economy and collaborate to share resources, take advantage of funding mechanisms, and support strategic and feasibility planning.

“Jennifer is exactly the right fit at the right time as our Board of Directors commit to the organization’s growth and pivotal role to implement the State’s Strategy for the Blue Economy, “says Eleanor Kirtley, Senior Program Manager for Green Marine and Executive Committee member of Maritime Blue’s Board of Directors. “We feel strongly that Jennifer brings the expertise, energy, tact, and leadership that our local industry seeks while supporting global growth for the Blue Economy as a whole.”

Jennifer States brings her 20 years of renewable energy and clean-tech experience in industry, non-profit, government, and research environments to Maritime Blue. Formerly, as Director for Blue Economy at DNV, Energy and Maritime – North America, she served as the Project Director for Washington Maritime Blue after supporting the Washington State Department of Commerce to finalize Washington State’s Strategy for a Blue Economy. 

Her experience includes work at DNV, Port of Port Angeles, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where she managed a wind development company, as well as serving as City Councilor for Sequim, WA. Her greatest accomplishments include the launch and leadership for Washington Maritime Blue, launching a start-up in carbon fiber recycling, implementation of key renewable energy policy, and driving development of clean energy projects. 

Washington Maritime Blue is a strategic alliance for maritime innovation and sustainability as an independent cluster organization to implement Washington State’s Strategy for the Blue Economy delivered by Governor Jay Inslee’s Maritime Innovation Advisory Council. As a partnership between industry, public sector, research & training institutions, and community organizations the mission is to create a world-class, thriving, and sustainable maritime industry through knowledge sharing, collaborative R&D, commercialization, business and workforce development.

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