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Verdant seeks consulting services for CHART program leadership

The Verdant Health Commission released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the Chronic-Utilizer Alternative Response Team (CHART) program leadership on June 14th.  Since 2017, the CHART program has been administered by the Verdant Health Commission in partnership with healthcare, human services, fire/EMS, and law enforcement organizations. Verdant seeks an organization to take a leadership role in coordinating information exchange between community partner organizations and providing case management for CHART clients. This RFQ seeks innovative ways to operate the program and increase the efficiency of providing services to clients.

The CHART program was designed to address the needs of South Snohomish County’s most vulnerable residents who have overlapping physical health, mental health, legal, and substance use disorder conditions. The purpose of CHART is to reduce the impact of chronic utilizers on healthcare, emergency services, crisis care, legal, and criminal justice systems. By taking a coordinated approach, the goal of the program is to create an individualized plan that will have a positive and measurable impact for each participant and decrease the system impacts associated with the disproportionate overlapping service utilization by these individuals.

Any questions on the RFQ are due June 21 by email, and answers to these questions will be published on June 25. Responses to the RFQ are due on July 16 by 3:00 p.m.  A service provider will be selected in August and work is expected to begin in September. To read the full details of the RFQ, visit:

About the Verdant Health Commission:

The Verdant Health Commission funds a wide range of programs that empower people in South Snohomish County to make healthy decisions and get the care they need to stay well. For nearly half a century, we served the health needs of our community by managing the local community hospital. We are now focused on investing in innovative programs that will make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of South Snohomish County residents, while also offering free or low-cost education and prevention classes.

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