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Nominations open for the 29th Annual Governor’s Employer Awards Program

Nominate an inclusive employer for the 29th Annual Governor’s Employer Awards Program today!

The Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment (GCDE) is now accepting nominations for the 29th Annual Governor’s Employer Awards Program.  This long tradition of recognizing employers and individuals who increase access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities has never been more important.  

Now is your chance to help us identify those innovative leaders in the community.  Utilize your personal experiences or collaborate with others to develop a strong nomination. Please share your stories, and highlight creative approaches to recruiting, hiring, and advancing employees with disabilities. What a great way to recognize and celebrate the many businesses and individuals around the state that promote inclusion for all.

The outstanding efforts of those employers and individual leaders can now be acknowledged by nominating them for one of the following awards:

  1. Public, Private and Non-Profit Employers – small, medium and large categories; governmental entities (Federal, State, County, City or municipality); and those who generate revenues from the services and products they provide or are registered with the state and maintain 501(c)(3) certification
  2. Youth Employer – employers supporting youth with disabilities through employment preparation and job skills
  3. Governor’s Trophy in Memory of Carolyn Blair Brown – a lifetime achievement award presented to an individual with a disability in Washington State
  4. Direct Support Professional Award – an outstanding career professional, with three (3) years of experience providing long-term supported employment services to individuals with intellectual, developmental and/or psychological disabilities as a Job Developer or Job Coach
  5. Toby Olson Lifetime Impact Award – This award, which is in its second year, recognizes an individual who has made a lifetime commitment to addressing the inequities people with disabilities face in their community and at the state and national levels and can demonstrate specific, direct actions dramatically changing the lives of those in the disability community. More information is included in this nomination packet or on our website.

August 31st, 2021 is the nomination deadline for this year’s Awards Program

Electronic Nominations are preferred and can be submitted via Survey Monkey.

This year’s virtual event will be sponsored by the Washington State Employee Credit Union and hosted by the GCDE. Thank you for partnering with us in this exciting celebration of excellence. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Emily Heike at (360) 890-3776 or email at

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