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Gregerson kicks off her Welcome Back campaign

MUKILTEO, Wash., July 30, 2021 – Mayor Jennifer Gregerson hosted her mayoral campaign welcome back soiree on July 29, overlooking the gorgeous Harbor Pointe Golf course where many met on a hot summer day to show their support. In attendance was Everett mayor Cassie Franklin and City Council candidates Tim Ellis and Carolyn Carlson.

Jennifer Gregerson was the first woman elected as mayor in 2013 after serving on the City Council where she focused on community involvement, local values, and long-range planning. Her focus as Mayor has been prioritizing issues like public safety, walkable neighborhoods, and education.

Attendees and the mayor enjoying the evening. Source: Lynnwood Times/Mario Lotmore.

She was born and raised in Mukilteo where her parents worked in a small, family-owned business and graduated from Kamiak High School before earning a Bachelor’s degree in French from New York University and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Washington.

Gregerson’s interest in local politics stemmed from her parents engagement with city council meetings. Prior to becoming mayor, she served on the Mukilteo City Council ten years. When not working in politics, Gregerson loves to bike and play Pokémon Go, activities she and her boyfriend Paul enjoy.

Mayor Gregerson sharing her accomplishments with an attendee. Source: Lynnwood Times/Mario Lotmore.

As an avid biker, she pushed for the city to add new sidewalks and bike lanes. In her focus toward education, she has partnered with stakeholders to bring students across the city expanded opportunities and has worked with the Mukilteo School District to ensure every school has a School Resource Officer protecting student safety.

Mayor Gregerson also told the Lynnwood Times that she has invested in Cool Girls in Aerospace, a summer workshop that introduces engineering to middle school girls. She’s also fought to support victims of domestic violence, funding the first domestic violence victims coordinator.

Michelle Mitsuuichi-Stork, one of the many attending the evening’s event. Source: Lynnwood Times/Mario Lotmore.

Over the past eight years, Gregerson led the effort to form the City’s Climate Action Committee which delivered a Climate Action Plan last fall, and established the Wise Investments in Transportation Taskforce, the first Rosehill Community Board, and the City’s first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission.

Chairing the Climate Action Committee was City Council Position 3 candidate Tim Ellis. Ellis first met Gregerson when he volunteered to chair the Committee in 2019 and noted how much the mayor impressed him by attending every meeting except for one.

“I’m really happy to have her as mayor, for somebody to be that involved and have that passion about what’s going on with climate change,” Ellis, who’s platform centers on climate issues, told the Lynnwood Times.

Nancy Passovoy sharing her memories of working with Gregerson as her Executive Assistant. Source: Lynnwood Times/Mario Lotmore.

Nancy Passovoy, Gregerson’s former Executive Assistant at city hall, shared some words on her experiences working closely with the mayor for over seven years covering her accomplishments, her commitment to the city where she grew up, and even a humorous story about a cookie costume.

According to Passavoy, not too long after Gregerson was elected, she was approached by girl scouts who requested that Gregerson to put on a Somoa cookie costume to support the troop. Passavoy noted that the mayor was ecstatic to help the girl scouts. To Passavoy, this demonstrated the “great sense of humor” she believes makes Gregerson a unique leader.

“I knew that this was a mayor like none other, that Mukilteo has seen…She deserves to have a another term. Mukilteo needs for her to have another term,” Passovoy said.

Passavoy added that Jennifer is a woman of great integrity and that, even though she’s almost always the smartest person in the room, there is never an ego or pride issue.

Jennifer addressing attendees at her campaign soiree on July 30, 2021. Source: Lynnwood Times/Mario Lotmore.

Gregerson made a quick speech highlighting accomplishments within her past two terms including the opening of Byers Family Park a couple months ago. The park is dedicated to Anna Bui, Jordan Ebner and Jake Long who were killed by former classmate Allen Ivanov, now serving life in prison, at a 2016 house party. According to Gregerson, the park has become a place of “peace and hope” where people can reflect in a beautiful space on lives that were ended too soon.

Mayor Gregerson believes her masters in urban planning played a big part in the opening of Byers Park as well as the waterfront promenade, Harbor Reach drive, bike-transit walk plan, and new sidewalks creating safer walking options for pedestrians, particularly children walking to school. Going into her next term, she hopes to focus a lot on Mukilteo Waterfront improvements.

Gregerson also shared fiscal accomplishments with attendees such as: property tax rates dropping, the mayor’s office budget reducing 11% since 2014, and growing the city’s reserves $300,000 despite tough budget years.

“I think it’s really important to have a vision of the future. That’s what I ran on that very first time and I think, in a lot of ways, that’s what’s differentiates me and Joe, my opponent. He’s really focused on things we’ve accomplished in the past and wanting to remain the same and I always think it’s important to grow in a way that fits our city and to have a vision of what the future looks like,” Gregerson said.

Bill Gregerson, Mayor Gregerson’s father. Source: Lynnwood Times/Mario Lotmore.

According to Gregerson’s father Bill, who was also in attendance during the kickoff, Jennifer was never without a book when she was a child, even on fishing trips, a traditional hobby of the Gregerson family during Jennifer’s childhood.

“I’m just real proud of her and I know she’s doing a great job. She doesn’t have a hidden agenda, she just wants to help the citizens of this city,” Bill Gregerson told the Lynnwood Times.

Mayor Cassie Franklin (right) sharing with Mayor Jennifer Gregerson (left) opportunities the two cities can work together. Source: Lynnwood Times/Mario Lotmore.

Cassie Franklin, Mayor of Everett, told the Lynnwood Times that she is a very passionate supporter of Mayor Gregerson’s campaign and that Jennifer is one of the mayors she relies on most closely for mutual advice and guidance when running their cities.

“Snohomish County needs Gregerson as mayor. The health of Mukilteo is really important to the health of Everett,” Franklin told the Lynnwood Times.

To learn more about Jennifer Gregerson’s campaign, platform, or to make a donation visit https://www.jennifergregerson.com/index.php.

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