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Welcome to your August 2021 horoscope by Tony White! August could be a month of two halves. The early couple of weeks being a time containing more potential for self-expression and fun, while the latter part being possibly more testing – especially if caution in actions is not exercised. So, if you’re a creative person, definitely try to express yourself primarily in early August, with later in the month being a time reserved for restraint, as well as dotting all “I’s” and crossing all “T’s”.

ARIES: Your fiery energies may well get you into trouble later in the month especially, if you’re not careful. You should definitely take advantage of that extra energy, expressing yourself creatively from the get-go!

TAURUS: Your more relaxed and down-to-earth manner should help you cope with any instincts for risk-taking towards the end of the month, unlike others. But creatively you should definitely put some work in before then.

GEMINI: As your natural instinct is to communicate and circulate with others, you should find lots of opportunity for fun early on. Just don’t get carried away with impulsive thinking later on.

CANCER: Caution and protectiveness are two of your strongest instincts. So watch out for the well-being of others later in the month, although there’s no reason why you don’t fully express yourself before then!

LEO: The second week of August especially is where you might really come into your own and let your light shine brightly. However, getting too overconfident as the month closes out may not be so rewarding.

VIRGO: Unlike most others, your critical and detailed thinking could well come into it’s own later in the month. Before that however, be prepared to let those with a greater skill for self-expression strut their stuff.

LIBRA: Impetuousness is generally not your thing. So the second half of the month should bring much more comfort to you, than the first half. Team up with a more assertive partner in the nearer term though.

SCORPIO: Standing out in the glare of the world is not in your nature. So let others have their moment in the sun early on. Your cautious, somewhat intense, nature will help you avoid any impulsive rashness later on.

SAGITTARIUS: So, keeping your feet on the ground this month could well be a challenge for the more impulsive natured you. Enjoy things in early August but try to hold yourself back a little, later in the month.

CAPRICORN: Your hard-working, ambitious nature should find lots of energy earlier in the month. But don’t take any rash decisions later – although that is probably not like you anyway.

AQUARIUS: You may find yourself exhausted by those more showy, extrovert types over the first couple of weeks of the month. However, you should come into our own later – as long as you don’t act rashly.

PISCES: Just make sure that your initial fascination for the bright and dramatic early in the month doesn’t lead you on into things you might regret as the month draws to a close.

August Horoscope featured days at a glance…

  • AUGUST 08 / MOON in opposition to SATURN: Could be a time where your feelings feel somewhat at a low ebb! Hard work is the best therapy on days like this.
  • AUGUST 11 / MOON in LIBRA / MERCURY in VIRGO: Could be a day to bring some mellowness to your more critical thinking. Relax, but still attend to minor details if the mood takes you later.
  • AUGUST 17 / VENUS in LIBRA: A perfect opportunity for letting creative, or even romantic, issues color your thinking today. It’s a day that’s more about caring than daring!
  • AUGUST 19 / URANUS retrograde / SUN opposition JUPITER: Over confidence today could bring some unexpected results – and not the positive kind if you act too incautiously!
  • AUGUST 21 / MOON in AQUARIUS / MARS trine URANUS: Definitely not a day to charge off on your own with a wrong-headed attitude. Could be an exciting today, but definitely look before you leap!
  • AUGUST 27 / FULL MOON in TAURUS: Creature comforts should come first today! Rest, relax and take it easy. A time to let the world pass you by. Working with the soil today would be perfect.
  • AUGUST 30 / MERCURY in LIBRA: Time to let your mind relax. Stop worrying and forget those details. Today is all about balance, of thought and deed. Some may even find it fun to read a romantic novel today.

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Startoonz by Tony White

NOTE: Whereas it’s popularly believed that astrologers assert that all people of the same Sign of the Zodiac will experience the same things, it is not so.

When we are born our Birth Chart shows specific sensitive points that are unique to us and us alone. Consequently, when the planets move through the Zodiac on a regular basis, they can trigger those sensitive points for us – which of course means that not everyone in a Sign is affected in the same way at the same time.

Therefore it pays us all to know our personal Birth Charts well!

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