Horoscope for the month of September 2021

Welcome to your September 2021 horoscope by Tony White! This month could be a bit of a roller coaster in the personal and public arena, with international relationship under strain too. Towards the very end of the month, Mercury turns retrograde again too, so communications could be somewhat strained.

A number of planets are behind the potential social upheavals revelations… Eris (the Warrior Goddess), Pluto, Uranus and the New Moon in Virgo. However, instead of fearing the worst for the month, this really is an opportunity for taking the high road and being at our most tolerant and optimistic this month.

As one prominent astrologer, Henry Seltzer, has put it… “Do not dwell on the chaos, celebrate the birth”. Venus is definitely energized by Uranus this month, meaning that all relationships could be under strain. September is definitely a time for living by the heart and not the head. Finally, try to tie down any communications, contracts and/or travel plans before the end of the month, when the Mercury retrograde factor will tend to disrupt things for a number of people.

ARIES: Your fiery nature could well get the better of you this month if you don’t learn to stay calm. The opposite Sign of a usually hair-trigger Aries is the balanced and diplomatic Libra. So, on the principle that opposites can balance out each other, try to be more of a Libran this month, instead of your usual spontaneous and impetuous self!

TAURUS: Maybe a good time to batten down the hatches, emotionally. Venus is your ruling planet, so it’s electric Uranus contact this month could well bring revolution, disruption and change to your usual placid world. It might also bring an entirely new and exhilaration focus of love into your life too. But hold onto your hat as transformation is in the air.

GEMINI: The big thing for you could be the Mercury retrograde effect that begins around September 27th. It could well be a time when your messages get mixed, or your plans for travel and communication disrupted. Mercury is your ruling planet; so pay greater attention to all paperwork and contracts at this time too.

CANCER: The Moon is your ruling planet, so with the New Moon this month being in the Sign of Virgo, and touched by the revolutionary Uranus, this could be a time where you feel emotional drained or under fire.  See any disruption that comes along as an opportunity for growth not criticism – although with that New moon in “Virgo”, nit-picking criticism of family, friends could be a possibility.

LEO: When you’re in the right mood “taking the high road” is something you’re very capable of. So should your position be threatened this month, or should the things that upset you in this world threaten to anger you, stay calm and collected. When you do so, you could become a leader defined by calm and clear decision-making – something your higher self is good at, if exercised.

VIRGO: With the New Moon in your Birth Sign, electrified by the powerful and revolutionary Uranus this month, it could be that you’ll feel more stressed than ever. Just remember that all this is transitory and no matter how emotional you may feel, the calm will always follow the storm – should it happen. Remember that Chamomile Tea is wonderful for both nerves and digestion!

LIBRA: It might be that your normally calm and measured disposition could be under threat this month. It may even be that it’s nothing that you even did; just forces beyond you are rocking your world. Ever the diplomat, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to weather the storm and bring harmony to where there is disharmony around you.

SCORPIO: September could be the culmination of a time where you’ve felt somewhat challenged for a while now – either by perhaps a powerful woman, or the need for you to let your powerful feminine side out. As your essential nature is to keep all your emotions in and concealed, perhaps this month is a time to come clean and release them – preparing the ground for a better future ahead.

SAGITTARIUS: Taking the high road is something you’re good at. So, if life begins to look crazy around you this month, look to your higher Self for guidance. Your best way of dealing things is through activity and movement. So this could be a perfect time to physically seek our new horizons, or find a new philosophy or belief in life that helps you cope with any possible disruptions.

CAPRICORN: You’ve probably noticed that some quite powerful challenges have been building up in your life lately, threatening your normally quite normal, and hardworking state of affairs. If so, this could be the month where the transition from chaos to clarity becomes possible. Above all else, don’t panic. Start to build for a new reality that you need to face soon.

AQUARIUS: Uranus is your ruling planet, so it’s contact with the New Moon in Virgo this month should not be too much out of the ordinary for you. You’re made of the stuff of individual expression above all else, even swimming against the tide. It could be that you’ll be a little more emotional than normal for a while. But once the dust has settled I’m sure the new order will suit you well.

PISCES: The New Moon in Virgo, touched by the revolutionary Uranus, could well have an unsettling effect on you this month. Virgo is your opposite Sign of the Zodiac after all is said and done, and opposites can either attract or repel. Just be prepared for some change or disruption in you circumstances for a while, allowing your higher, more forgiving and aspirational side to come out – if you let it.

SEPTEMBER Horoscope featured days at a glance…

  • SEPTEMBER 01 / MOON in CANCER: A day to put home and family first. Take advantage of the calm now, for it may be challenged very soon!
  • SEPTEMBER 06 / NEW MOON in VIRGO trine URANUS: Definitely a high-energy day later, with emotional stress potentially to the fore. Relax, sit it out as much as possible and try to put others first if you can.
  • SEPTEMBER 11 / MOON in SCORPIO / VENUS enters SCORPIO too: Things could get quite emotionally intense with love ones today. This could be negative or positive for you, depending on how you deal with it.
  • SEPTEMBER 14 / MOON in CAPRICORN / SUN opposition NEPTUNE: Normally a Moon in Capricorn day is a time for solid, practical work! However, the Neptune effect could well muddy the waters here, causing confusing or a disillusion of plans today.
  • SEPTEMBER 16 / MOON in AQUARIUS / VENUS squares SATURN: Could be a day where relationships are strained and a need for individuality threatens continuity! Take a deep breath. It will pass!
  • SEPTEMBER 21 / MOON in ARIES / MERCURY trine JUPITER: A day to try something new or unexpected. However think it through first and listen to your higher Self before acting.
  • SEPTEMBER 22 / MOON in ARIES / MERCURY squares PLUTO: Definitely a day to hold you tongue and count to ten before speaking. Your words could hurt today, if you get too emotional.
  • SEPTEMBER 27 / MOON in GEMINI / MERCURY Retrograde: OK, a big day today for communications. Mercury starts to turn retrograde, which could well thwart the “best laid plans of mice and men” – onwards from today, throughout the rest of the month, and beyond!

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Startoonz by Tony White

NOTE: Whereas it’s popularly believed that astrologers assert that all people of the same Sign of the Zodiac will experience the same things, it is not so.

When we are born our Birth Chart shows specific sensitive points that are unique to us and us alone. Consequently, when the planets move through the Zodiac on a regular basis, they can trigger those sensitive points for us – which of course means that not everyone in a Sign is affected in the same way at the same time.

Therefore it pays us all to know our personal Birth Charts well!

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