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LSPD: Serial eluder caught for sixth time

LAKE STEVENS, Wash., October 10, 2021 – A rise in crime for the last week of September in Lake Stevens after the lowest crime rate within the last couple of months the previous week. During September 20-26, there were 34 crimes reported to the Lake Stevens Police Department (LSPD).

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Man with misdemeanor warrants arrested

A man in his fifties was arrested after a routine patrol in Lake Stevens on September 26th.

Patrolling the area, an officer on duty observed seven males standing by three cars with their headlights on. What became suspicious is that once the men noticed the police car, some of them started running.

The police officer recognized some of the men from recent and past LSPD incidents. One of the subjects had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants for his arrest out of Marysville.

Upon the man’s arrest, the officer found illegal narcotics and two debit/credit cards not in the subject’s name. The suspect stated he found the credit cards while cleaning his apartment and hasn’t attempted to use any of them.

The suspect was booked in Snohomish County jail, and the credit cards and the illegal narcotics were registered as evidence.  

Eluding the police for the sixth time

A man in his fifties was arrested after a long police chase on September 14 that started with a traffic violation. The officer recognized the suspect as a usual violator in that area having his license suspended. This time he was driving his black BMW significantly above the speed limit.

After being noticed in an alley by the officers, the offender fled. While the police patrol was chasing him with the emergency lights on, he ignored the order to stop. Driving 70 mph in a 35 mph area, he was able to lose the pursuing officers. 

Knowing the address of the suspect, the patrol decided to turn the lights off and wait for him outside his residence. Their wait did not last long as the suspect’s car arrived soon after. Another chase began, but this time on foot. After asking for reinforcement, the police were able to stop the suspect. He did not resist arrest but denied eluding the police in both instances.

The officers found two bags of methamphetamine in his pants and a shaved key, which is used for car theft. He was arrested for fleeing the police. This was not the first time the suspect was arrested. He has eluded the Lake Stevens Police or Snohomish County Sheriff in five other instances.

Stopped for a missing license plate, but arrested for carrying a weapon

A biker stopped for a traffic violation was later arrested for carrying a semiautomatic gun in Lake Stevens.

On September 9th, during a routine check from a police patrol for a motorbike’s missing license plate, a biker was asked to provide his driver license to the officer. While handing his backpack over to the officer, the it was discovered that the biker was carrying a gun.

According to his reasoning, the biker stated that he didn’t have a concealed pistol license after he tried to get one but was denied multiple times because of unpaid traffic offenses.

Dispatch confirmed the biker’s story with the officer.  Despite his honesty, there was enough probable cause to arrest the biker for carrying a concealed firearm.

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