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Letter-to-Editor: Christine Frizzell has my vote

I write today in support of the candidacy of Christine Frizzell for Mayor of Lynnwood.

In my opinion, there is no other candidate as qualified as Christine to be Mayor.  In her years of professional accounting experience, she is unmatched as a wise budgeter and controller of finances.  She has helped innumerable private clients to fiscal health and has shown the same acumen as a member of Lynnwood’s City Council.

Add to her high competency with finance, her compassion for all people.  Christine is a strong proponent of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Her circle of friends, professional contacts, and clients include a truly broad range of individuals who can keep “Chris” informed of the concerns of our minority communities and her deep care for people will continue to spur her to act on those concerns.  No one in Lynnwood need fear being “left out” as far as Christine is concerned.  Unlike some, who only talk about helping the homeless, Christine has devoted innumerable hours to actually helping those experiencing homelessness, through “Neighbors in Need” food and clothing program and through the Jean Kim Foundation’s programs at the “Shower Station” and “Shepherd’s Village” on the campus of Good Shepherd Baptist Church.

This compassion also makes her a good person to work with or for.  She will always go the extra mile to understand a different point of view, to heal ruptured relationships, and to find a way forward even in extreme difference of opinion.  I have never known her to turn her back on someone because of a disagreement.

In my work and friendship with Ms. Frizzell, I have found that she is diligent and a woman of her word.  If she tells you that she will help, she will.  If she tells you she will study a matter, she will.  Unlike some with whom I served or whom I have observed on Lynnwood City Council, Christine has always been well-prepared for discussion or action.

Christine Frizzell has my highest confidence as she seeks the office of Mayor of Lynnwood.  She has my vote.

Rev. M. Christopher Boyer, Lynnwood

One thought on “Letter-to-Editor: Christine Frizzell has my vote

  • I completely disagree with this letter!
    My experience with Chris is one of exclusion not inclusion. What is it about me that she doesn’t like?
    I reached out to her via email and wanted to speak with her regarding what she will do for the people of Lynnwood if elected, and she did not respond. I’ve also sent several emails to her in her capacity as a council member and again, no response.
    At some recent council meetings, other citizens echoed my experience of Christine. I even contacted other council members about why Christine ignores citizens especially when she is running for mayor.
    If she won’t even communicate with us now, why would we believe she is competent to represent us?
    She is clearly unconcerned with the needs of citizens and the claim of her caring about any citizen is unsubstantiated based on our experience of her. The current mayor seems to be grooming Chris to continue the current disrespect and dismissive treatment of citizens.
    I also wanted to know why citizens saw Chris taking clothing from Neighbors in Need for herself? I’m sure I’ll never get a response from Chris as she excludes anyone whom she deems unworthy of a response. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. She is being paid by the people she is ignoring. I hope this isn’t about race.
    Jim Smith, on the other hand, has been responsive both with emails and willing to meet in person. To my knowledge, Jim isn’t wearing clothing that was taken from those in need. He volunteers at the food bank every week and helps the homeless and those who are struggling.
    I choose Jim because he actually responds to the people paying his salary.


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