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Jim Smith always listened with concern

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I am writing in support of Jim Smith for the next mayor of Lynnwood. I have talked with him many times about the future of our city, and he has always listened with concern.

Additionally, I am a member of the LGBT community and have never felt anything but respect from him.  He is consistent in his prioritizing of Lynnwood residents over state politics and out-of-town business interests, and will provide a badly-needed check to the unsustainably hectic and expensive development we are currently seeing.

The promise of affordability has not been delivered: studio “pods” in the shopping mall rent for close to $2000 a month! Many long-term residents are giving up and leaving town: we need to make sure Lynnwood stays a desirable place to live.

I am especially impressed by Jim’s commitment to keeping national partisan politics out of our city council: not once has the subject of political affiliation come up in my interactions with him. This is as it should be: if we can’t set aside differences to get on with the business of living together at the local level, the community is in trouble. Vote Jim Smith!

L. Mackenzie, Lynnwood, WA

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