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Jim Smith will be working for the residents of Lynnwood

As a resident of Lynnwood since 1968 it’s important to me that our Mayor is working for the best interest of its citizens,  that should be their number 1 job. That’s why I voted for Jim Smith. 

Jim has been working  to benefit our city many,  many ways.  Christine Frizzle said she would be working for the city, county and state.  I appreciate that Jim voted to  reduce our vehicle license fees.  Its this type of tax that impacts the elderly and lower income families the most. 

To provide a  safe environment for the children of our city to be raised in is a top priority of mine. We must support the rule of law for all, Jim includes all of our communities in the development of the safety of our city.

Please do your research  and you will find out that Jim Smith will be working for the residents of Lynnwood,  not the corporations of the city, county or state. 

Julie Anderson

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