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Local Eats with Bo: Bobby’s Hawaiian Restaurant

Bobby’s Hawaiian Restaurant

Bobby’s Hawaiian Restaurant is a culinary oasis off Highway 99 in Lynnwood, Washington. Walking through the doors hushes the background hums of traffic as you’re greeted with relaxing Hawaiian music and a friendly “Aloha!” from the staff. 

The breezy tunes combine with the sizzle of Kalbi Ribs from the kitchen. The interior is painted with tropical colors, and there’s island decor everywhere you look. And while the building is slightly older, the dining area is immaculately clean. 

Going to Bobby’s is probably the closest anyone in Lynnwood can get to feeling like they’re actually in the Aloha State. 

Rating Bobby’s Hawaiian Restaurant is interesting for me because this was my first experience with authentic Hawaiian food. But without a doubt, I am converted. Every item I tried was light and flavorful, and I will definitely be ordering them again. The atmosphere was charming because of the décor and cleanliness and how incredibly cooperative and friendly the staff was.

Ultimately, I’m going to give Bobby’s Hawaiian Restaurant a huge “ALOHA!” Bobby’s food captures the aloha spirit, and I felt the love when I tried it.

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