K-9 Officer Jedi killed during pursuit

UPDATE [2:33 p.m. January 8, 2022]: Added Jedi’s memorial service information.

SEATTLE, Wash., January 7, 2022 – Police K-9 Officer Jedi of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) was tragically killed during a struggle with a burglary suspect on Wednesday, Jan 5.

The SPD’s official report states that the K-9 team responded to a burglary in progress in the 2200 block of South Eddy around 2:45 pm. After arriving at the scene, the team spotted an armed suspect fleeing on foot and pursued him. 

k-9 officer jedi
K-9 Officer Jedi with handler/partner.

Officer Jedi engaged with the suspect in the 6700 block of Swift Avenue South. During the struggle, the suspect fatally stabbed Officer Jedi and injured his handler. The suspect was shot and killed by another officer at the scene.

The SPD reported that the Force Investigation Team will investigate the officer-involved shooting.

“Jedi was one of the department’s top performing K-9s,” the SPD stated in a tweet the following day. “He and his partner/handler were involved in many successful tracks, searches, and apprehensions over five years serving the people of Seattle.

“This is not only a loss for the SPD, but for our community.”

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement:

“Jedi, thank you for your service and commitment to your community and to your partner. You will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Seattle PD and K9 Jedi’s handler and family.”

Audio and Video of incident

Audio of the 911 call as well as police bodycam footage of the incident were released on Jan 7. After a graphic content warning, the 911 caller tells police a man brandishing a machete has broken into their home. The dispatcher immediately sent officers to the caller’s location.

Suspect running into road with machete. Snapshot from Police Body Cam footage.

Dashcam footage of an officer driving to the scene shows the suspect fleeing on foot. A man in a black shirt, presumably the caller, points to the suspect with a bat as the patrol vehicle approaches. A second later, K9 Jedi can be seen with his handler in pursuit of the suspect, with the officer in the vehicle following behind.

Suspect swinging machete at K-9 Officer Jedi. Snapshot from Police Body Cam footage.

The K-9 handler’s body cam then shows the suspect making his way onto a main road in the neighborhood, where an SPD Sergeant appears to help apprehend the suspect. From the Sergeant’s camera, the male suspect can be seen wearing what looks like a bath towel around his waist. He also appears to be barefoot, wielding a machete and knife in one hand and a mop stick in the other.

Modified version of the original photographic evidence. Photo Courtesy of the Seattle Police Department.
Modified version of the original photographic evidence. Photo Courtesy of the Seattle Police Department.

The officers can be heard repeatedly telling the man to stop, but he persists down the road. The sergeant, now with his gun drawn, radios officers to block the street.  Jedi catches the suspect who immediately begins swinging his machete before switching to his knife and inflicting multiple stab wounds on the dog. Jedi’s handler quickly attempts to intervene, causing the man to strike at the officer with his knife. Another officer at the scene then fired seven shots at the suspect.

To view K-9 Jedi’s Officer Down Memorial Page, click here.

Additional updates

According to the SPD’s Jan 7 update, investigations led by the Force Investigation Team and the Office of Police Accountability are active and ongoing. “New and updated information will continue to be added to this post as it becomes available,” the SPD states.

The identity of the officer who opened fire has also been revealed—Officer Tim Jones. According to the SPD, Jones, who has been with the department for 15 years, “has been placed on paid administrative leave per department policy.”

A video of Jedi’s success in 2018

A YouTube video from 2018 show’s a freshly certified Jedi and his handler, Officer Anthony Ducre of the SPD, tracking down a jail escapee in an industrial complex. Jedi and Ducre were helping the Kent Police Department find and apprehend the escapee.

Around the ten-minute mark, Jedi finds the suspect hiding in a covered boat. Thanks to Jedi, officers were able to detain the escapee without any altercations. After exiting the complex, Officer Ducre congratulates his partner, saying “Good boy! That’s a good boy!”

May be an image of brick wall and text that says 'K-9 JEDI PUBLIC MEMORIAL The Seattle Police Department invites the public to remember K9 Jedi. When: Doors will open Monday, 1/10 at 11am. The public is invited to visit the South Precinct Lobby until 6p everyday through Wednesday, 1/12. Where: SPD South Precinct 3001 S. Myrtle Seattle, WA 98108 SMyrtle Seattle Police mmunities 日 MynlePl SEATTLE POLICE'

7 thoughts on “K-9 Officer Jedi killed during pursuit

  • February 9, 2022 at 8:56 AM

    Jedi seemed like a good dog he treated his trainer good and his trainer gave care for him but now he is up with god and the man that killed him should burned in the depths of hell. In loving memory of Jedi

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  • January 19, 2022 at 8:25 PM

    Officer Jedi’s PARTNER did not send Jedi “to his death”. He sent Jedi to apprehend a criminal. That is what everyone who calls 911 for police assistance does with any officer called out. Our SPD officers are well-trained and run towards trouble when many run away. God willing, everything should go well, and everyone lives for another day. But that is not always the case. And that is when heartbreak happens. ALL PEOPLE have to abide by our laws. ALL PEOPLE have to follow the instructions of our governing bodies. CHOICES have consequences, and it is up to the person making the choices to weigh CAREFULLY those consequences, and then LIVE with the outcome. Our police department has to make split second decisions under tremendous circumstances, and put THEIR LIVES on the line every day. They are there to protect us and enforce the laws WE THE PEOPLE have agreed to live by. If you think “when it is worth it…” is a valid litmus test, you are terribly wrong. May God bless and keep Jedi’s partner and family, and let us all help heal this terrible wrong. Officer Jedi, rest in Peace.

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  • January 7, 2022 at 10:31 PM

    K9 Officer Jedi is trained for situations like this and others. I do not believe it is appropriate to blame his handler. His handler was doing his job as well. Thoughts and prayers are with K9 Officer Jedi and his handler. Thank you for your service K9 Officer Jedi may you rest in Peace

  • January 7, 2022 at 9:43 PM

    Why sacrifice the dog. Why send him running to the crazy guy with the knife. Poor dog. They are trained to do this and it is their handler’s responsibility to assess when it is worth it and when it isn’t. I fail to see how it was worth it to send the dog to his death like this.

    • January 25, 2023 at 4:23 PM

      Amen. You nailed it. Absolutely not worth it in this case. Foolish, foolish decision.


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