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Mukilteo City Council appoints Health and Transit representatives and finalizes questions for vacancy candidates

MUKILTEO, Wash., January 11, 2022 – Mukilteo’s City Council Special Meeting on January 10 began by discussing the council’s meeting format. Per Council Vice President Crawford’s suggestion, the council decided it will meet virtually due to the Omicron variant’s spread. Council will reassess this decision according to available data moving forward. 

The next item on the agenda was the appointment of the council’s Snohomish Health District Board and Community Transit representatives. After a brief discussion, Councilman Harris motioned to recommend Mayor Marine as the Community Transit representative and Vice President Crawford as the Snohomish Health District Board representative. Councilman Khan seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. 

“I appreciate that I have your support following up another year of serving in the Snohomish Health District as a Board of Health member,” Councilwoman Crawford said. 

The third item on the agenda was furthering the discussion of the selection process to fill the Mukilteo council’s vacancy. Each council member and the Mayor submitted at least one question each to ask the applicants. Council members also viewed the questions that candidates were asked in 2020 for a reference. 

Eventually, the council agreed upon the following seven questions:

  1. What is a short term and long term priority for the city and if any of those priorities require funding, how would you go about acquiring it and also pay for the ongoing maintenance?
  2. What qualities do you think are required to be an effective Councilmember? Please describe how you have used these qualities in your work/career/community activities. 
  3. What is the historical importance of Mukilteo and what is our responsibility to uphold its legacy?
  4. Describe your decision making process, and how you plan to make decisions on behalf of Mukilteo residents on any topic or issue that you may have a strong personal view for or against.
  5. When considering the challenge of maintaining city services and public safety expenses, what are some strategies that you would suggest to maintain those standards over time as costs change?
  6. What is your understanding of Snohomish County’s current growth plan for the Mukilteo Urban Growth Area, and where do you think Mukilteo is, or needs to go, in regards to managing population growth?
  7. The Policy decisions you make as a City Council Member come with great responsibility. How do you plan to prepare to make those important decisions?

To view this meeting in its entirety, click here. To read the council’s full meeting agenda, click here. To read last week’s meeting click here.

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