I am asking all friends of Mukilteo to take five minutes before 20 January and e-mail the Community Transit Board for the “January 20, 2022 – 4:30 p.m. Snohomish County PTBA Meeting: Board Selection” special meeting.  I believe Mayor Joe Marine – who did not solicit this letter to the editor by me – would want me to ask you to please communicate your support for Mukilteo to be represented on the Community Transit Board please.

Community Transit e-mail address to send your emails in support of Joe Marine: executiveoffice@commtrans.org

First and foremost: Mukilteo is a special community asked to do what no other community is asked to do and that is bear the burdens of hosting Paine Field with the commute and noise impacts.  It is important as Community Transit is redesigning its network that Mukilteo is well-represented on the Board, and equally the previous Mayor’s kind letters also be used to remind Community Transit staff of unmet needs for Mukilteo and Paine Field.

Second: I appreciate the current Mayor and Council bringing up the need to connect the Seaway Transit Center better with the Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal in a recent council meeting.  I hope this is a top priority as the Future of Flight between those two points has requested transit service for a decade now. 

To quote Herb Brooks, “Great moments are born from great opportunities” and 2022 is shaping up to be a great opportunity.

Joe A. Knuzler, Skagit County

2 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Joe Marine for Community Transit Board

  • January 19, 2022 at 10:52 PM

    We need representatives like Joe Marine on the Community Transit Board. Joe will represent South County better than anyone can.

    Bob Colinas
    Former Brier Mayor

  • January 16, 2022 at 12:14 AM

    I am confident that Mukilteo Mayor Joe Marine will get on the CT Board because of his competence and previous service on the board, not because his city “hosts” Paine Field. At most, they co-host the field, as “Paine Field is located in *an unincorporated area of the County*. The northern and eastern portion of airport property abuts the City of *Everett*, while the…western portion of airport property abuts the City of Mukilteo.” We Everett residents east of PAE hear the noise of the jets as well as the louder private airplanes every day, too, yet also have no bus service there nor to Sounder/Mukilteo just 4 miles away. The fastest fix: Have Everett Transit #70 carry passengers in *both* directions instead of just serving the to/from Boeing commuters from/to Mukilteo. Or, extend Sound Transit’s 513 to there via the entire length of Casino Rd. Meanwhile, CT’s #107 from Lynnwood Transit Center should be be extended to Paine Field for the benefit of South County residents.


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