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Op-Ed: Troubled by WA Board of Health quarantine methods

As a WA citizen and the son of survivors of 1930’s Germany who’s entire family line on my father’s side was wiped out, I am very troubled for my children by the language of WAC 246-100-070 and allowing local health officers to use law enforcement to detain a person or group of persons to be isolated in a quarantine facility WAC 246-100-045 following refusal to voluntarily comply with requests for medical examination, testing, treatment, counseling, and vaccination WAC 246-100-40.

Mr. Grellner, Mr. Pendergrass, Ms. Bessermin, Ms. Crawford, Ms. Crockrell, Mr. Kutz, Mr. Lentz, Mr. Lunz and especially WA Secretary of Health Mr. Shah proved their ignorance to the science of Covid and vaccines and public health on their January 12 State Board of Health Public Zoom meeting.

WA state board of health
Members of the WA State Board of Health

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Conspiracy” staring Kenneth Branagh and Stanly Tucci, I highly recommend it. Or the book “Banality of Evil” by Hannah Arendt. In both you will dramatically see how Naziism itself began with the legal cover installed by a bureaucratic committee to promote exterminations under cover of law. Man’s law. Not natural law as enshrined in the US Constitution.

To the eight board members of the WA State Board of Health, this is your moment. Therefore, they were put on this earth at this time. Each has the obligation, to repeal this illegal, inhumane cancer from the world in its infancy in the name of liberty and humanity and thereby save Washingtonians from medical tyranny. One simple vote of this board has the ability to deny WAC 246-100 and restore the inalienable rights of the 4th amendment to the US constitution and the Nuremburg Code.

A vote to approve this abomination will leave a legacy that will be a stain on history that their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, fellow citizens, Republicans, Democrats, vaccinated and unvaccinated will suffer under indefinitely and hold you each accountable for, as will nature’s God. Yes, vaccinated; What the chief executive of Pfizer is telling them, their boss, is THAT IF YOU RECEIVED TWO DOSES OF HIS COMPANY’S VACCINE LAST YEAR, YOUR PROTECTION IS GONE. Even against “…hospitalizations and the severe disease.” So, no one is safe from this draconian round up.

Please “first do no harm” and reestablish informed consent, the 4thamendment, and the Nuremberg code and bodily autonomy in WA by voting against immoral and illegal medical tyranny and vote down this proposal.

This board can revive the spirit of the liberating Allied army that defeated Naziism and made the world safe for democracy for 90 years. Washington is a free state. We must protect against the biomedical security state that divides our society. There is no one else that can. 

Steve Abramowicz, Mill Creek

4 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Troubled by WA Board of Health quarantine methods

  • Thank you for writing this letter. We all must stand against this, history is repeating itself and they must think we’re all stupid to be led to believe any of this is for “our own good.”

  • Great letter, well said.

    The Board said the public will be represented on the Technical Advisory Group (TAG), but the only at-large postitions I see are for disproportionately represented minorities. I’m not sure being the father of a vaccine-injured child would be acceptable to fill that seat.

    Pay attention to the TAG meeting schedule, as that is a place to be part of the process and influence the report they will give to the Board.

    It was unfortunate the Board denied the petition of the citizen group Informed Choice of Washington to make a rule that vaccines must be fully approved and have completed phase 3 clinical trials to be added to the childhood schedule. It’s like the board didn’t hear the 65 minutes of public testimony earlier in the meeting.

    • Very scary how they’re RAMMING this type of legislation through even with the public screaming NO NO NO!
      I assume it’s because they’re being paid off by this slithering snake… God have mercy on us all.

    • Why don’t more American citizens know about this why don’t more American citizens know about martial law and the FEMA camps the death camps how they plan to take 90% of us out why isn’t it broadcasted more we need to do something


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