July 23, 2024 8:31 am

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Letter-to-Editor: Mukilteo City Council Corruption Concerns

I am very alarmed by the article in the Lynnwood Times stating that at least one of the candidates attempting to be appointed to the vacant city council seat was asked by Louis Harris and Riaz Khan about their political affiliation. 

Per RCW 29A.52.231, “All city, town, and special purpose district elective offices shall be nonpartisan, and the candidates therefor shall be nominated and elected as such.”

Also, per RCW 29A.84.720 it is a crime to willfully violate election laws!

“Every person charged with the performance of any duty under the provisions of any law of this state relating to elections, including primaries, or the provisions of any charter or ordinance of any city or town of this state relating to elections who willfully neglects or refuses to perform such duty, or who, in the performance of such duty, or in his or her official capacity, knowingly or fraudulently violates any of the provisions of law relating to such duty, is guilty of a class C felony punishable under RCW  9A.20.021 and shall forfeit his or her office.”

As I understand it, making a determination of a candidates’ eligibility based upon their political party affiliation for a non-partisan City Council position is illegal based on the RCW referenced above. 

In a time where citizens of our country have a hard time trusting facts, politicians, and institutions, I am very concerned that two of our own Council Members have been accused of corruption. This is unacceptable in our city.  

I would like to understand what is being done to address this issue, I expect an on-the-record response from Council Members Harris and Khan, and if the allegations are substantiated, I expect them to be held accountable in accordance with the above RCW’s.

Sincerely, Brooke Perisho

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