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Snohomish County Council passes resolution in support of Ukrainian neighbors

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., February 28, 2022 – During its Administrative Session today, the Snohomish County Council unanimously passed Resolution 22-009 to show support for the Ukrainian community in the county.

The resolution, introduced by Councilman Nate Nehring (District 1) and seconded by Councilman Jared Mead (District 4) reads:

Nate Nehring
Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Councilman

WHEREAS, late on Wednesday, February 23rd, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine; and
WHEREAS, in the first days of the invasion, the Russian military has conducted multiple bombings and attacks across Ukraine, killing and injuring soldiers and civilians; and
WHEREAS, the attacks have been strongly condemned by President Biden and other global leaders; and

WHEREAS, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is unprovoked and unprecedented in a time of relative peace across Europe; and
WHEREAS, many members of the Ukrainian community call Snohomish County home; and
WHEREAS, our Ukrainian neighbors are undergoing a period of significant hardship and grief during this time;
THAT, the Snohomish County Council stands in solidarity with our Ukrainian neighbors; and
THAT, the Snohomish County Council sends thoughts and prayers for peace in Ukraine; and
THAT, the Snohomish County Council stands ready to welcome and support any refugees which may arrive in our county and state as a result of the invasion

Click here to view the resolution in its entirety.

“Today I introduced a resolution of solidarity with our [Ukraine] neighbors,” tweeted Nehring. “I can’t imagine how difficult this is for those in Sno Co with ties to Ukraine. Our hearts are with them and all Ukrainians, who are a collective profile in courage and have inspired the world. Pray for Ukraine!”

Both Council President Megan Dunn and Councilman Sam Low thanked Nehring for drafting the resolution.

Latest developments in the military action against Ukraine

The civilian death toll from the conflict varies. Aljazeera reports that Ukraine’s health ministry said that at least 352 civilians have been killed; whereas, the United Nations confirmed 240 people.

Military targets hit by Russia in Ukraine. Source: Daily Mail.

Today, Russian President Vladmir Putin held an emergency economic meeting at the Kremlin as the Russian Ruble plunged almost 30 percent after the European Union, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada announced it was imposing a ban on major Russian banks from SWIFT to paralyze assets of the Russian Central Bank.

The Russian Central Bank increased the country’s borrowing rate from 9.5% to 20%. Although major Russian banks are banned from the SWIFT banking messaging system, this has no impact on Russian energy and grain revenues – 40 percent of the E.U. energy comes from Russia.

Black Sea port closures disrupt global market for grains threatening global food supplies as Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter – 50 percent more than the U.S. or E.U.

Food prices in U.S. are expected to rise due to the demand from countries dependent on Russian grains. The largest importers of Russian grains are Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, and Morocco.

The U.S. has sent B-52s directly to NATO’s eastern front to conduct operations over the Arctic and Baltic Sea, as well as over Poland. F-35 Lightning II aircraft assigned to the 388th Fighter Squadron have arrived at the 86th Air Base, Romania; and U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade traveled from Aviano Air Base in Italy to Latvia in order to support NATO allies.

Yesterday, Belarus held a national referendum of its constitution and voted 65 percent to repeal its non-nuclear status allowing for Russian nuclear weapons to be deployed on Belarusian soil. This came just hours after Putin ordered Russian nuclear deterrent forces put on high alert. Russia has a 10-to-1 advantage over the U.S. in nonstrategic (i.e., low-yield) nuclear weapons—aka tactical or battlefield nukes.

Concerns of a SWIFT alternative – Russia, China and India – are growing within the banking industry, threatening the dollar-dominated Euro-centric global financial system. China’s international payments system called CIPS – Cross-Border Interbank Payments System – is operational with at least 23 Russia banks using the system.

China is Russia’s biggest exporter and post-Cold War partner. First reported by the New York Times on Feb 25, China was passing along U.S. intel about the Ukraine military operation from the Biden Administration to Russia.

The United States European Command is reportedly now at DEFCON 2.

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