Update to Alderwood teen attack

LYNNWOOD, Wash., March 16, 2022 – Last month Lynnwood Detectives investigated an attack of a 17-year-old Snohomish teen that left him in critical condition at Harbourview Medical Center in Seattle.

The attack took place Sunday, February 6, before 7 o’clock near the south Alderwood Mall parking garage when the victim, accompanied with two family members, was approached in the parking garage area by a group of young adults – four males and a female. A fight then ensued which left the 17-year-old victim with grave injuries.

Two days later, thanks to mall security footage, the suspects were identified and questioned by Detective Jaqueline Arnett, as well as the 17-year old boy who told Lynnwood Police that he didn’t remember anything about the fight.

The investigation has since been closed and ruled as a “mutual combatant situation,” according to Joanna Smalls, Public Affairs and Communications Manager, and neither party was charged.

“If it is too difficult to prove who started the fight or that the teens injuries were a direct result of what happened during the fight,” Smalls told the Lynnwood Times.

alderwood attack

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