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May 16: Upcoming Mukilteo City Council Meeting

MUKILTEO, Wash., May 16, 2022 – For its BUSINESS MEETING at 6 p.m. on May 16, the Council will vote/discuss the items listed below.

To review the agenda items in detail, click here.

Public Hearing

A public hearing regarding changes to Surface Water Management, shall be amended to the Mukilteo Municipal Code.

Surface Water Utility Annual Update (AB2022-066)

A presentation providing an update to the Surface Water Utility’s 2021 accomplishments, highlighting new programs, and compares those accomplishments with the Goals and Performance Measures set forth in the 2015 Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan Update (“the Plan”).

Executive Assistant for City Executive Department (AB22-068)

Council MOTION to approve creating a new Executive Assistant position to support the Executive Department. The Executive Department is requesting an additional position in the form of an Executive Assistant for the City Administrator/Executive Department to provide direct support for the work of City operations and programs directed by City Council.

The annual cost for the new position is estimated to be approximately $105,000 for salary and benefits. Total, estimated 2022 budget impact is $54,500 (with a July 1st start date.

City Parking Resolution Amendments (AB22- 77 & RES 22-09)

A resolution of the Mukilteo City Council repealing Resolution No. 2016-08 and Resolution No. 2019-06, updating parking restrictions to take into consideration completion of the Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal project and other projects, clarifying parking restrictions for certain areas and re-establish all parking restrictions

Adding Juneteenth to Approved Holidays List (AB22-078)

Council MOTION to approve Resolution No. 2022-08 adding Juneteenth to the list of observed holidays, amending the Employee Handbook to reflect this addition, and amending the Employee Handbook to reflect current practice of providing two floating holidays for non-represented staff.

Mukilteo City Council meeting Time and Location

This meeting will be held both in-person and electronically by Zoom. The Public can attend the meeting in person or watch the meeting live, 6 p.m. March 21 via Zoom using the link below:

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