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June 21: Upcoming Lynnwood City Council Meeting

LYNNWOOD – For its BUSINESS MEETING at 6 p.m. on June 21, the Council will vote/discuss the items listed below. This meeting will be held both in-person and electronically by Zoom.

To review the agenda items in detail, click here.

Introduction to Board of Ethics Candidate Jim Strum

The Board of Ethics includes five members per LMC 2.94. There are three regular members, and two alternate members. With only three members it is a challenge to achieve a quorum in order to hold meetings.

Jim Strum is being proposed to fill the first alternate position, which may attend all meetings, and will sere as a Board member in the absence of a regular member. Strum has applied for membership on the Board, and interviewed with Mayor Christine Frizzell, who recommends appointment of this candidate.

Introduction to DEI Candidate Nancy Canales-Montiel

Introduction to Nancy Canales-Montiel for appointments to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission, Position 7. In accordance with the Lynnwood Municipal Code, Chapter 20.60.30 members of the DEIC shall be appointed to a position for a term of three years. Ms. Canales-Montiel’s first term as a DEI commissioner will expire December 31, 2024. Ms. Canales-Montiel lives within Lynnwood’s city limits and she is a registered voter in Lynnwood. She interviewed with Mayor Frizzell and Doug Raiford on May 19, and she attended the June 8 meeting of the DEIC. Ms. Canales-Montriel’s appointment is highly recommended by the Mayor, DEIC commissioners, and staff liaisons.

Change Order, Community Justice Center

In September of 2021 the City Council approved a contract with FORMA construction to build the Lynnwood Community Justice Center (CJC). Construction began immediately after contract adoption. Subsequently to this approval the City Council approved a contract with Mackenzie in October 2021 for the design of the newly proposed Lynnwood Community Recovery Center (CRC). The concept of the Community Recovery Center was brought forward to City Council from a multi-disciplined, community and subscriber-based workgroup, that had explored the need for such a site during the late summer of 2021. Council approved of the project concept and design shortly thereafter.

At the onset of the planning of the Community Recovery Center project it was agreed that this collocated project would need to be constructed and completed along the same timeline as the Community Justice Center Project. To achieve this the city directed Mackenzie, the CJC design firm, to immediately implement design changes to the Community Justice Center. These design and construction changes needed to be made immediately as construction in the effected areas as already underway. The City directed FORMA to implement certain design changes in November of 2021and those updates have continued through the first half of 2022.

Over the course of the first four months of 2022 the city received $17 million in direct funding and grants from Snohomish County, the State Legislature, and the State Department of Commerce for the Community Recovery Center Project. The City went out to bid on the Community Recovery Center project, which closes in late June of this year.

This change order encompasses that vast majority of the design and structural changes made to the CJC to accommodate the building of the Community Recovery Center. These changes include redesign and engineering of the CJC, modifications to the foundations and substructure of the garage and building, and redesign and movement of service areas within the jail to accommodate the CRC.

The recommendation is council approve this change order.

Briefing on Community Event Discussion and Lynnwood Convention Center Use

The City of Lynnwood and the Lynnwood Public Facilities District initially entered into an inter local agreement in 2001 regarding financing, development and operation of a convention center. The ILA has been supplemented four times and remains in effect.

Section 4.4 of the ILA Supplement No. 4 contains the provisions for the City to use the Convention Center without rental charge for up to four event days each year in consideration fro the City’s significant credit support.

Council has approved two resolutions establishing policies relating to use and allocations of the Convention Center Use Days. Since 2004, the City has utilized LCC Use Days for a variety of community events, partnership events, and City functions. The City’s utilization significantly shifted in 2011 after eliminating the special events program.

In 2012, the Public Facilities District changed management operations of the Convention Center and are revisiting their internal processes and policies related to use days. Renewed and increased interest from Council and the community coming out of the pandemic paired with operational management changes and shifted PFD priorities, has prompted a review and clarification of the City’s intention of use day allocation and processes.

The suggested action is to receive council direction on Convention Center Use Day policies and event programming.

Briefing on Town Square Park Acquisition Finance Options

On March 14, 2022, the City entered in purchase and sale agreement with Lynnwood Goodwill LLC for acquisition of real property identified as Snohomish County Assessor’s Parcel number 00372600701504, a 1.65 acre commercial lot located at 4027 198th Street Southwest.

The City is currently in a 120-day inspection and finance approval contingency period. The intent of this review period is to conduct title review, review property documents including tenant lease, inspect the physical property, conduct environmental reviews, and determine financing instrument.

If final approval is authorized by Council, property acquisition will close on or before September 12, 2022.

The negotiated purchase price for this property is $8 million. Real Estate consulting services for negotiations, due diligence, and closing are estimated at $82,000 paid for by Park Impact Fees.

The suggested action is to provide staff with direction to prepare final recommendation for financing the acquisition of real property for future Town Square Park development in City Center.

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