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July 5: Upcoming Mukilteo City Council Meeting

MUKILTEO, Wash., July 2, 2022 – For its 6 p.m. July 5 REGULAR MEETING, the Mukilteo City Council will discuss/vote on the following agenda items:

2022 Island County Lane Striping ILA (AB22-084)

Unable to do its annual road striping last year due to a paint shortage, Mukilteo’s streets need a new layer of pavement markings along travel lanes. As the City does not have the staff nor equipment necessary to perform this task, Island County Public Works has performed this work in 2019 and 2020 via an Interagency Agreement. A new Interagency Agreement with Island County is needed for the work to be accomplished this year. It is recommended that the Council MOTION to authorize the Mayor to sign the Interagency Agreement with Island County for City-wide lane pavement markings. The total cost of the project is not to exceed $32,121.

61st Culvert Construction Contract Award and Consultant Agreement (AB22-097)

The existing culvert at 61st Place West, south of 88th Street West, has been blocked due to periods of high rain causing stormwater to overflow the road. As part of a legal settlement in mid-2014, the City agreed to program the improvement of the culvert in the 2015 City budget. While designing the project, the City encountered several obstacles including poor soil conditions. The unanticipated obstacles combined with additional design modifications requested by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and Tulalip Tribes have resulted in significant increases to the project’s estimated costs.

The final project design has been approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers and Tulalip Tribes. However, the final design resulted in upstream and downstream expansion, most of which lies on private property. Thus, the City has negotiated the temporary and permanent easements necessary to complete the project.

It is recommended that the Council MOTION to:

  • Award a contract for 60th Avenue West Drainage Repairs to the lowest Responsible bidder, OMA Construction in the amount of $868,648.00, which includes WA State Sales and Use Tax; and,
  • Approve a construction contingency fund in the amount of $130,297, approximately fifteen (15%) of the lowest responsible bid; and,
  • Approve Supplemental Agreement No. 12 between the City of Mukilteo and Tuttle Engineering and Management, in the amount of $233,843.00

Chennault Beach Drive Drainage Improvements Consultant Agreement Approval (AB22-107)

During periods of high flows, roadway flooding occurs along Chennault Beach Drive. On March 31, 2022 PACE Engineers, Inc. was selected as the engineering consultant to provide professional services for the design and engineering of the Chennault Beach Drive Drainage Improvements project. This project will construct a new drainage system along the south side of Chennault Beach Drive, between 60th Avenue W and Marine View Drive, to improve the effectiveness of capturing and conveying surface water to mitigate roadway flooding and improve conditions for the traveling public.

It is recommended that Council MOTION to authorize a design budget of $352,054 and approve the Consultant Agreement between the City of Mukilteo and PACE Engineers, Inc. for design engineering services for the Chennault Beach Drive Drainage Improvements project, in the amount of $327,554.

International Residential Improvement Code (IRC) Amendment – Fence Permit Exemption (AB22-086  & ORD 1466)

Before 2016, only fences over seven feet in height required a building permit. Staff believes the 2016 amendment was only intended to require a building permit for fences taller than six feet, to promote consistency with the City’s zoning code’s residential fence height requirements. The 2016 building code amendment was never implemented following adoption, further indicating the 2016 amendment was not intended to require building permits for all fences in residential situations. If Ordinance 1466 should pass, it would correct this inadvertent and unintended building code amendment from 2016.

Council Resolution Regarding Waterfront Redevelopment Project Information (AB22-110 & RES 22-11)

Mukilteo City Council’s Resolution 22-11 directs the mayor and City staff to:

  • Disclose to the Council any information/discussion between the City and Port of Everett regarding the waterfront.
  • Inform the City Council of work being done by City of Mukilteo staff which may lead to a decision regarding waterfront development ahead of City Council action being taken
  • The Mayor and/or Waterfront Redevelopment Council Liaison shall give periodic updates to Council regarding any progress on the waterfront redevelopment project.
  • Nothing in the partnership between City and Port of Everett shall prevent the City from taking action to accomplish interim projects as stated in the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan.

It is recommended that Council MOTION to approve Resolution 22-11.

Mukilteo City Council meeting Time and Location

This meeting will be held both in-person and electronically by Zoom. The Public can attend the meeting in person or watch the meeting live, 6 p.m. July 5 via Zoom using the link below:

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