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TikTok captures “woke” road rage in Portland

PORTLAND, ORE., July 3, 2022. – “You’re taking out your pain and oppression on me right now,” a white woman said to a Native American man—the two of them standing in the middle of a road in Portland, Oregon two days ago. The heated exchange was captured by TikTok user @midnightmimosa, who captioned the video with “I’m just trying to get to work.” Though the incident may have been just a nuisance for Ms. Mimosa, it has piqued the interest of hundreds of thousands of social media users on TikTok and Instagram. 

TikTok captures “woke” road rage in Portland. Lynnwood Times YouTube Channel.

The scene opens with a Native American man explaining to viewers that she had just told him to “go back to where [he] came from.”

“You see that?” he asks rhetorically. “I’m Native American.”

“We don’t drive like that in ORE-GON,” says the white woman who is referred to as “a Karen” in TikTok’s comment section. 

As the ordeal continues, the woman uses an expletive when explaining how people in Oregon “are […] kind,” all the while with horns from other cars on the road sounding off.

“Get out of my face. Get out of my face,” the man says as he makes his way back to his car. 

“Admit that you’re driving like a [expletive]!” woman demands.

The man then accused the woman of having a “colonizer mindset.”

“It is not about race!” the woman yells before diving into what can be described as a tasteless lecture on how the man could change “things” if only he listened to her.

woke road rage
A scene from the “woke” road rage incident recorded by TikTok user @midnightmimosa.

“You’re taking out your pain and oppression on me right now,” she says. “If you want anything to change,” she begins again before being met with a sharp “shut up!” by her road rage opponent. “I’m not taking any directions from a white lady!” 

“And don’t give me those fake white tears and that fake condescending look,” he continued after repeating his demand that the woman leave his space. 

“I’m going to stand here with you until you walk away because what you did was wrong, and you made it about race, and that’s [expletive] up—” the woman said the Native American man before quickly being reminded that she had told him to go back to where he came just moments earlier. 

The argument finally concludes with the man telling her to “go back to Europe” and driving off. The woman walks back to her car that’s covered in stickers saying “VISUALIZE WORLD PEACE!”, “Come at me with compassion, bro,” “PEACE LOVE,” and “be nice to you.”

woke road rage

The video’s top comment states that “Portland is the epitome of performative activism,” and a few others suggested the woman antagonized the man and then “played the victim.” More internet reactions label the situation as a “woke vs. woke conflict.”

The video only captures three minutes of the altercation, and it is never made clear exactly what caused the two drivers to get out of their vehicles. While the audio of the original TikTok was deleted, the video has already propagated across the internet. Whether it be because of the drama, tension, child-like behavior, or broader social themes, the video is attracting viewers by the tens of thousands.

woke road rage
The woman from the “woke” road rage video walking back to her saying sorry to a person filming the incident.

10 thoughts on “TikTok captures “woke” road rage in Portland

  • “He who road rages was angry that day”.

  • Ironically so called “Native Americans ” came over from Siberia, so they are Europeans as well.

    • No. Siberia is in Asia.
      Native Americans branched far earlier than when white people sprang, having been in the Americas for 30,000 years.

    • When people still believe in the Clovis first theory even though it’s been debunked

  • Why does this article cut the video off before it is made abundantly clear that the “go back” (in whatever phrasing, probably not “to where you came from”) was about the actual physical car after the lane change cut off? I went to the TikTok to watch the full video and it just seemed intentionally deceptive to cut off the video there, in addition to all the framing within the article.

    • The video with the audio we downloaded started at that point. We placed the link for people to view themselves. Nothing deceptive. The woman in the video had multiple opportunities to state your assumption which she did not. She appeared to only berate the man.

      • I guess calling her a ” F… colonizer” was very Gentlemanly and civic minded.

  • I just wanna know who cut of whom in traffic before they both went all “woke vs. woke.”

    It’s messed up if she really did tell him, “go back to where you came from,” but it’s not in the video, and his behavior doesn’t make him much of a stand up guy, either.

    • The guy was out of state so she wasn’t saying that about his race but where he lives. People in Oregon aren’t fan of our of state driver’s, especially if they are from Cali.

  • Woke people are truly disgusting.


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