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Citizen Action Defense Fund announces Jackson Maynard as Executive Director

Jackson Maynard

OLYMPIA, Wash., September 9, 2022—The Citizen Action Defense Fund (CADF) announced that Olympia attorney Jackson Maynard will serve as its Executive Director. CADF is an independent, nonprofit organization based in Washington state that is a grantee of Project 42, a 501c4 organization also based in Washington that is building out the free market infrastructure in our state through its eight capacities. CADF supports and pursues strategic, high-impact litigation in cases to advance free markets, restrain government overreach or defend constitutional rights. Maynard who has over 21 years as a lawyer in the public and private sector will also continue to serve in his current role as General Counsel of the Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW).

“I am very excited to serve as the new executive director of CADF and build on the solid foundation since their creation a couple of years ago in defense of the rights of citizens in our state,“ said Jackson Maynard. “I also am ready to expand on the strong track record of government accountability I started as General Counsel of the state’s largest business trade association. These are extraordinary times in our state and nation but to quote President John F. Kennedy, ‘we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.’ I look forward to working with other counsel and leaders as a fierce advocate for freedom in the courts in our state and nation.”

Experience in Law and Policy

Jackson Maynard brings solid experience to the position including litigation in state and federal courts. After graduating from law school in Florida, he started his career as a prosecutor and litigated in the civil arena as a construction lawyer for the Florida Department of Transportation and in private practice.

He has also been in the trenches crafting legislation and policy first as a staff attorney with the Florida House of Representatives then spending almost eight years as senior staff counsel for the Washington State Senate handling Transportation Committee and playing a key role in staffing investigations into
government misconduct led by the Law and Justice Committee. He currently serves and will remain as General Counsel for BIAW.

CADF Board member Paul Graves stated, “We’re thrilled to have Jackson. His deep experience—covering the law, politics, and policy for more than 20 years, both inside the government and for one of the state’s leading trade organizations—makes him an ideal fit for the job. There’s important and needful work to be done in Washington courts: vindicating rights, holding the government to account, and evaluating judges. Jackson is the right person for the work.”

CADF Leading the Fight for the Rights of Washingtonians

Founded in the wake of the COVID crisis, the government watchdog nonprofit files lawsuits, represents affected parties and intervenes in cases when the state enacts laws that violate the state or federal constitutions, when government officials take actions that infringe upon the First Amendment or other constitutional rights, or when agencies promulgate rules in violation of state law. It is led by a board of directors and advised by a team of experienced lawyers from across the state.

BIAW Executive Vice President Greg Lane said, ““We are excited to support both the Citizen Action Defense Fund and Jackson in his new role. This dovetails well with his work as General Counsel of our association in pushing back on government overreach in our state. Making sure the government follows the rules like everyone else is important work and we are glad to continue the fight with partner organizations like CADF.”

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