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Census Bureau launches venture fund to improve data collection

OCTOBER 17, 2022—Through multiphase competitions, StatVentures invites participants to propose new ways the Census Bureau can collect and improve the nation’s supply chain data. StatVentures, an initiative of Census Open Innovation Labs (COIL), will scout technology through collaborations with nongovernment innovators to ensure the U.S. Census Bureau continues to provide quality data effectively and efficiently.

With the advent of e-commerce, changes in logistics processes and technologies and adoption of emerging technologies to enable new data streams, the Census Bureau wants to explore additional data sources and measurement techniques to supplement or supplant its current products and methodologies.

StatVentures will work through a multiphase process. During the first phase, 10 winners will be awarded $10,000 each and invited to join a cohort of innovators in the next phase. In two subsequent phases of competition, these teams will work with the Census Bureau to develop their concepts into working models with the potential for adoption by the Census Bureau.

For more information visit Challenge.Gov.

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