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Naval records confirm Clyde Shavers lied about military experience

OAK HARBOR, November 2, 2022—Yesterday, the Lynnwood Times released an article concerning candidate Clyde Shavers for Representative of the 10th Legislative District, allegedly embellishing his qualifications and was awaiting his military records to confirm allegations that Shavers was also not a U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer as he claims.

The Lynnwood Times obtained Shavers’ Naval files today from the Navy Office of Information at the Pentagon, verifying that Clyde Shavers was never a U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer as he claimed; however, he did undergo Navy Nuclear Power School and training. He was honorably discharged September 30, 2021, as a Lieutenant working as a Public Affairs Officer.

The report shows that Shavers entered the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, on July 1, 2009, and completed his training July 1, 2013. From there, he was a student in the Navy Nuclear Power School in Charleston, North Carolina, from July 13, 2013, until February 19, 2014, and a student of a Nuclear Power Training Unit in Ballston Spa, New York, from February 27, 2014, until August 7, 2015.

He then went on to serve as a student in U.S. Naval War College, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, on Destroyer Squadron SEVEN, Transient Personnel Unit, and then in the Navy Reserves until September 30, 2021. The files do not indicate why Shavers was not awarded the title of Nuclear Submarine Officer, although he underwent Navy Nuclear Power training.

Throughout Shavers career with the U.S. Navy, he was awarded several accolades including two Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medals, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, three Navy/Marine Crops Overseas Service Ribbons, Navy Rifle Marksman Ribbon, and the Navy Expert Pistol Shot Medal.

After obtaining a letter from Shavers’ father, Brett Shavers, which alleged Shavers was not a U.S. Navy Submarine Officer, exaggerated his mother’s immigration status, has not experienced homelessness, did not grow up in a farming family, and does not reside in the 10th Legislative District, the Lynnwood Times has since been able to verify that Shavers is not a practicing Attorney, after contacting both the Washington State Bar Association and Perkins Coie LLP.

While the Lynnwood Times was able to confirm that Shavers was not a practicing attorney with Perkins Coie LLP, although he did work there as a summer associate.  Shavers did complete his Law program with Yale Law School but has not passed the Washington State Bar which prohibits the usage of the term “Attorney” – not earning the license to practice law nor invoke attorney-client privilege.

According to the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), Shavers has received $479,758.21 in contributions and another $296,882.75 in independent expenditures in his favor of which $294,960.49 came from the Democrat political action committee, New Direction PAC and is associated with Democrat consulting group, Blue Wave Political Partners, LLC.

According to the PDC, an independent expenditure is “an expenditure, often advertising, that supports or opposes a candidate or ballot measure and is made without the cooperation, consultation or cooperation of the campaign it benefits.”

The Top 3 contributors to the Shavers campaign are House Democratic Campaign Committee, $105,029.75, WA State Democratic Central Committee, $75,478.83, and WA Senate Demo Camp, $50,000.

According to a Crosscut article, the chair of the House Democratic Campaign Committee, Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D-West Seattle) provided the following statement regarding Shavers’ disingenuous credentials and life experience.

“I would say that he was insufficiently clear in how he has described several aspects of his experience. Our expectation is that candidates be completely clear and accurate.”

The Lynnwood Times reached out to the elected officials who have endorsed Shavers asking if they would rescind their endorsement. The following elected officials have yet to respond to our inquiry:

  • Melissa Beaton, Mount Vernon City Councilmember
  • Richard Brocksmith, Mount Vernon City Councilmember
  • Peter Browning, Skagit County Commissioner
  • Iris Carias, Mount Vernon City Councilmember
  • Craig Cyr, Langley City Councilmember
  • Megan Dunn, Snohomish County Councilmember
  • Savannah Erickson, South Whidbey Fire/EMS Commissioner
  • Louis Harris, Mukilteo City Councilmember
  • Shane Hoffmire, Oak Harbor City Councilmember
  • Lisa Janicki, Skagit County Commissioner, District 3
  • Liz Lovelett, WA State Senator, 40th LD
  • Rhonda Salerno, Langley City Councilmember
  • Ryan Walters, Anacortes City Councilmember
  • Emily Wicks, WA State Representative, 38th Legislative District

Melanie Bacon, Island County Commissioner, District 1, provided the following statement regarding her endorsement of Clyde Shavers. “I like both Clyde and Greg, personally. But Clyde is pro-choice, and Greg is not. I stand by my endorsement of Clyde Shavers.”

Janet St Clair, Island County Commissioner, District 3, sent us an email to which the Lynnwood Times will follow up with her.

Upon reaching out to Clyde Shavers for comment, Shavers dismissed his father’s letter as being “inaccurate, and personally, very painful to [him] as his son.”

12 thoughts on “Naval records confirm Clyde Shavers lied about military experience

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  • The language from his campaign website, as shown, clearly states he was a nuclear submarine officer (as well as public affairs officer) for eight years. His campaign since removed that language “to avoid further confusion.” I don’t see anything confusing about the deleted language. Nor does his stating he is an attorney when he isn’t have anything confusing about it. That is verifiably a boldface lie.

    If the Democrats had any integrity left in them, they would apologize for their failing to properly vet this fraud and withdraw their support. Instead, they’re doubling down and sticking with him. The Democrat party, at least in Washington State, is morally bankrupt.

  • its GREAT to see actual Journalism: Where a reporter is presented with something that is of interest, and then investigates to verify what the truth is, then reports on the truth without adding excess opinion.

    A Left Wing take would have denied all allegations and posted a picture of him on a submarine. A Right Wing take would have said he never served in the military.

    He did serve in the military, just not in the capacity he claimed.

  • So he lied about his Navy record, lied about being an attorney, lied about how he grew up, lied about living in the district he wants to represent…..in other words a perfect example of a Democrat candidate! No wonder most of his endorsements are still backing him. Go back to Kind County you pompous lying snake!

  • The sad reality is that not only are lying politicians tolerated, they are expected to lie. Since our own President lied when he swore an oath to preserve and uphold the laws of our land ~ and then proceeded to abandon all border laws, immigration laws, and encouraged rampant and uncontrollable border crossings by anyone and everyone.

    • The story about the cheating states that it was done in the enlisted personnel training. Commissioned officers have a separate training program with different instructors.
      I completed the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Training program and served on USS PLUNGER SSN595.
      His assignments after Nuclear Propulsion Training are odd

    • The Navy nuclear cheating scandal occurred before Clyde Shavers’ time at NNPS (Navy Nuclear Power School). Further, if he’d been caught, he would have been discharged.

      What is of note is that Mr. Shavers spent a long time in prototype training (NPTU) in Ballston Spa, NY. That is normally a 6 month program. His re ord shows 18 months. Not sure of why. Also, if he had graduated as a Nuke Officer, he probably would have gone surface even if he didn’t go subs. Something doesn’t add up.

      Regardless, Mr. Shavers didn’t conduct himself with full integrity and transparency.

      As can be seen here:


      And here:


      And here:


  • Been there seen that…..dates show he failed out of Nuclear Training and got sent to the fleet in another capacity…

    • To become a nuclear submarine officer (gold dolphins) goes well beyond nuclear power school. He would need to attend submarine school, be assigned to a submarine, and complete submarine officer qualifications to earn his gold dolphins. Stolen valor from a PAO who was no longer a line officer and had no warfighting qualification.

  • Well I suppose that since Biden’s pants are on fire most of the time, I’m sure it’s just fine for Shavers trying to light his pants on fire.

    • Unlike trump who never lied and republicans who refuse to call him out on those lies 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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