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Snohomish County residents are to beware of phony tax debt scam

SNOHOMISH COUNTY—Local taxpayers have been hit with a demand for payment of a phony tax debt scam involving a letter claiming to be from the Snohomish County “Tax Resolution Unit” and threatens garnishment, property seizure or a lien on the property if fraudulent fees aren’t paid immediately.

Snohomish County scam
Snapshot of Snohomish County email scam. Photo courtesy of Snohomish County Treasurer.

Concerned residents brought these letters to our attention and we soon learned that it contained official looking features identical to similar scams circulating in other jurisdictions. Envelopes appear to be postmarked from Sacramento, California, contain a return address that includes a Tax Processing Unit “Public Judgment Records” department, and have the local county name poorly inserted. It should be noted that these department names do not exist in Snohomish County.

The fake notice also directs the taxpayer to call a toll free (800) number “to avoid enforcement” and references federal tax liens. Legitimate Snohomish County Treasurer communications typically contain the official seal of the Treasurer and a local return address. Additionally, the Snohomish County Treasurer does not collect or enforce federal taxes.

As your County Treasurer, Brian Sullivan takes pride in building trust in the community. If you receive a notice that causes you concern, please feel free to contact the Treasurer directly at, or call 425-388-3366.

Content Source: Snohomish County Treasurer’s Office

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