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Snohomish County seeking community members for Board of Health

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., November 18, 2022—Snohomish County is seeking interested community members to serve on the Board of Health. To apply, visit

The Board of Health’s role will be to develop, approve, and revise countywide policy on public health issues such as opioids, immunizations, and climate change. The Board evaluates yearly budget proposals, recommends new programs, and reviews Health Department activities. The Board meets monthly, and members will be assigned to subcommittees and various ad hoc task groups.

The nine-member group will be set up to meet state requirements for public health boards. It will include two County Council members, one elected official from a large or medium city, one elected official from a small city or town, one tribal representative nominated by the American Indian Health Commission, one healthcare facility representative, one healthcare provider, and two additional community members who are residents of Snohomish County, at least one of whom uses health services in the county.

Applications to serve on the Board are being accepted now. You can apply here. We will continue accepting applications until all positions are filled. However, we will give highest priority to those applications received by Friday, December 2, 2022.

“The new Board of Health needs committed community members to help guide Snohomish County’s public health efforts,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. “The strategic insights provided by the Board are critical for saving lives and maintaining the health of our residents.”

“The Board of Health plays a crucial role in local public health services,” said Health Officer Dr. James Lewis. “This is an ideal space for someone who is passionate about the health and wellness of their community, and we want to have their voices on the Board as we continue to look at how we can best serve all people in Snohomish County. This will be especially important during the coming change from Health District to Health Department and as we build public health capacity in the years to come.”

The new Board of Health will begin serving in January 2023, when the Snohomish County Health Department launches. The current Snohomish Health District is being integrated with the County and will become the new department, and the existing 15-person Board of Health must be replaced with a new Board that adheres to current state requirements. All local health jurisdictions, whether districts or departments, are required by law to have a Board of Health.

Content Source: Snohomish County Government

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