Staff and community members recognized at annual Sheriff’s Office Awards

EVERETT, Wash., March 24, 2023—The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office held its annual, Sheriff’s Office Awards ceremony on Thursday, March 16, 2023, recognizing many acts of dedication, leadership, commitment, hard work and heroism by staff, volunteers and community members for the year of 2022.

The following were the recipients honored during the Sheriff’s Office Awards ceremony:

Sheriff’s Award

  • Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force
  • Marshals Timothy O’Hara, J Cook, Timothy Malkow, Deputy Maxwell Schrader, EPD Officer Danny Rabelos and Sergeant Jonathan Karr
  • Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center Director Wes Allen
  • Chris Garcia (Team United MMA) and Michael Long (Old Truck BBQ)

Distinguished Service Medal

  • Flight Medic Jeff Brown, Rescue Tech Ryan Fleming, Crew Chief Randy Fay and Pilots Steve Klett and William Quistorf

Meritorious Service Medal

  • Deputy Jordan DeBoer

Sgt. John Taylor Supervisor of the Year

  • Sergeant Craig Hess

Corrections Supervisor of the Year

  • Records and Data Management Supervisor Joshua Berg

Patrol Deputy of the Year

  • Deputy Matthew Mattson

Corrections Deputy of the Year

  • Corrections Deputy John Brown

Deputy Sheriff Joseph W. Ward Detective of the Year

  • Detective Brandon Brashares

Civilian Employee of the Year

  • Technology Support Specialist Jon Wagner

Volunteer of the Year

  • Joan Cavagnaro

Explorer of the Year

  • Explorer Lieutenant Sophia Galusha

Life Saving Awards

  • ARNP Robert Wamukoya, ARNP Kristi Seiders-Werner, LPN Milea Dizon and Dr. Leslie Greene
  • Technical Services Supervisor Rebecca Koontz
  • RN Hamadi Sisawo and Agency RN Yesuf Borena
  • Agency RN Yesuf Borena
  • Rescue Tech Oyvind Henningsen, Flight Medic Joshua Corsa 
  • Civilians Chelsea Charles, Brittany Charles and Zachary Williams
  • RN Nancy Roach and RN Hussein Remtulla
  • Registered Nurse James Nettleton

Life Saving Medals

  • Corrections Deputies Erik Wold, John Brown, David Dunlap, Amy Hassing and Shaun Murray
  • Deputy Megan Nunemaker
  • Deputy Samuel Winningham
  • Deputy Nicholas Lopshire
  • Corrections Deputies Ion Cazac, Charles Carrell, Brandon Gloor and Paul Hansen
  • Corrections Deputy Randall Williams
  • Crew Chief Kurt McGowan and Pilots Steve Klett and Travis Hots
  • Deputy Brianna Perez
  • Sergeant Ryan Boyer 
  • Deputy Nicole Mayhall
  • Corrections Sergeant Patricia Thomas and Corrections Sergeant Michael Brinson
  • Corrections Deputy Jeff Smith

Certificates of Merit

  • Deputy Josh Holmes
  • Detective Steven Martin
  • Sergeant James Chelin
  • Sergeant Will Ter-Veen, Deputies Cameron Elwell, Sara Miller and Raymond Duran
  • Park Rangers Katlyn White and TJ Broom, Civilian Medical Professionals Alex Weeks, Maria Fletcher, Elliot Fletcher, Prafvil Gaikwad, Chinna Polinetti, and Chaitanva Modak
  • Deputies Hayden Dagley & Michael McGee
  • Corrections Deputy Stuart Nicholas
  • Sgt. William Ter-Veen, MPD Patrick McGrath, Deputy Zachary Byrd, Deputy Raymond Duran, Deputy Jose Perez, Deputy Chase Marx, and Deputy Jacob Olson

Letters of Commendation

  • RN Kristina Wendell, Agency RN James Nettleton, RN Troy Cole, MA Jodi Parks, Corrections Deputies Bradlee Liang and Susan Allen
  • Master Patrol Deputy Daniel Tenbrink
  • Deputy Megan Nunemaker
  • Corrections Deputy Michael Brady
  • Lead Law Enforcement Technician Sandra Carretero-Diaz
  • Law Enforcement Secretary Cynthia Jurado
  • Volunteer Dolly Ferguson
  • Deputy Robert Zoellin
  • Corrections Deputy Carlos Estrada
  • Inmate Accounts Technician Barbara Phillips
  • Corrections Deputies Pavel Ryakhovskiy, Brandon Gloor and Corrections Sergeant Jea Lee
  • Corrections Deputy Travis Luszey
  • Corrections Deputies Travis Luszey, John Brown, Stuart Nicholas, Carlos Estrada, Ryan Hughes, Jared Scott and Dean Cooper
  • Evidence Control Officers Alex MacKay and Lee Malkow
  • Citizen Eleanor Dowson
  • Mill Creek PD Detective Christine White
  • Law Enforcement Secretary Jessieca Garrity
  • Corrections Deputies Kari Brewer, Jean Moormeier and Shari Sigh
  • Corrections Deputy Katalin Orosz
  • Corrections Lieutenant Scott Lewis
  • Lieutenant Jason Toner
  • Crime Analyst Kelda Clough

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