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Learn hands-only CPR during National CPR-AED Awareness Week

SEATTLE—In recognition of National CPR-AED Awareness Week, June 1-7, Medic One Foundation is urging the public to learn hands-only CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). This crucial campaign aims to combat the public health crisis of sudden cardiac arrest, which claims nearly 1,000 lives every day in the United States.

Hands-Only CPR

“When a person goes into sudden cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR reduces their chance of survival, so immediate help from a bystander who can do CPR is critical,” said Kim Martin, Executive Director for Medic One Foundation. “We want to empower everyone in our community with the skills to act quickly and save lives.”

Medic One Foundation is also encouraging residents in King and Snohomish Counties to download PulsePoint, a free life-saving mobile app. PulsePoint notifies users when someone nearby is experiencing cardiac arrest and needs immediate assistance. This innovative app functions like an AMBER alert for sudden cardiac arrest victims, using location-based technology to alert community members to emergencies in their vicinity. This allows them to provide hands-only CPR during the critical moments before first responders arrive.

Lifesaving Story: In September of 2023, Moody Soliman’s life was saved during a routine soccer game thanks to citizen responders, and our EMS system. Moody’s teammates performed CPR and administered an AED before the Firefighters/EMTs, and paramedics arrived. Suffering from a cardiac arrest, Moody’s life was hanging by a thread, but immediate community CPR and pre-hospital care allowed him to recover fully after cardiac rehab.

“I’m here today, living a healthy and active life as a husband and father of three, thanks to the entire emergency response team,” said Moody. “This underscores the critical importance of knowing CPR and acting quickly in emergencies, highlighting how trained individuals can make a life-saving difference.”

How to Get Involved

Learn Hands-Only CPR: Attend a local training session or access online resources to learn the basics of hands-only CPR. Medic One Foundation provides FREE CPR/AED Training to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for responding to medical emergencies. Additionally, our certified instructors can conduct a private class for your community, business, or school, at your locations or ours. Even a few minutes of training can make a significant difference in an emergency. Free community classes for CPR Week can be found here: https://www.mediconefoundation.org/programs/cpr/

Get Familiar with AEDs: Automated External Defibrillators are simple to use and can be found in many public places. Knowing how to operate an AED can save a life.

Download PulsePoint: This free app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. By enabling PulsePoint alerts, you can be notified of nearby cardiac emergencies and potentially save a life.

National CPR-AED Awareness Week is a time to highlight the importance of CPR and AED training. With the community’s help, Medic One Foundation aims to significantly reduce the number of sudden cardiac arrest fatalities.

For more information on how to learn CPR and use an AED, visit https://www.mediconefoundation.org/programs/cpr/

SOURCE: Medic One Foundation

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