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Renown Chef Ethan Stowell opens new restaurant in downtown Edmonds

EDMONDS—Renown Chef and Seattle-based restaurateur, Ethan Stowell, is officially opening his newest restaurant, Victor Tavern, in downtown Edmonds on Wednesday, June 12.

restaurant Edmonds
Victor’s Tavern new to the downtown Edmonds restaurant scene, photo credit: Ethan Stowell Restaurants

This is the second Victor Tavern location. The first opened in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood at the end of 2020.

restaurant Edmonds
Victor’s Tavern kitchen, Kienan Briscoe, Lynnwood Times

Located right on 550 Maine Street, a short distance from the ferry terminal and nestled between shopping and immaculate views of the Puget Sound waterfront, Victor Tavern is a modern take on the classic sports bar with an urban, elevated, experience where patrons can enjoy a great burger with draft beers and craft cocktails while watching the game, sliding some shuffleboard pucks, or bowling for pins upstairs.

Victor Tavern had their soft open on May 13 for Edmonds locals but have been awaiting final licensing approvals for its elevator before officially announcing its grand opening, in order to be ADA compliant.

victor tavern
Upstairs bowling lanes, photo credit: Ethan Stowell Restaurants

Chef Ethan Stowell informed the Lynnwood Times he’s had his eye set on downtown Edmonds for a new restaurant for a while adding “Edmonds is happening. It’s cool to hang out here. It’s a cool neighborhood – it’s fun.”

“Edmonds is actually really cool and we’re super excited to be out here. We’re super excited to be apart of this project because I think it’s just a really good community project, we have a landlord who grew up in Edmonds and is a really nice guy who wanted to do something for his community,” said Chef Stowell.

The concept behind Victor Tavern started with downtown Seattle in mind, Sennen David, VP of Marketing and Wine Director for Ethan Stowell Restaurants informed the Lynnwood Times, to offer a place where people could go, grab a burger and a beer, and watch the game while expecting great food, great service, and great atmosphere.

restaurant Edmonds
Photo credit: Ethan Stowell Restaurants

“We’ve seen that concept grow a bit where the people enjoying it are way more than the grab a burger and watch the game people, it’s a lot of families, it’s a lot of people after sports practices, on their way to watch a movie. So, it turned into just a community gathering place with approachable food – that’s good, it’s made well, seasonable ingredients, good drinks,” said David.

There’s something for everyone at Victor Tavern, David continued, whether you’re a serious cocktail fan, serious sports fan, or not.

victor tavern
Photo credit: Ethan Stowell Restaurants

“If you want to come in and celebrate and it’s the graduation dinner and you want to go fancy – let’s do it. If it’s Tuesday and you just want an easy beer and a burger – cool, come in for happy hour. It’s the easiest thing and it’s a great value,” said David. “It doesn’t always have to be flashy and have a crazy backstory, it should be just good food, good conversation, come here celebrate the community, see your neighbors, meet people, sit at the bar and laugh.”

ethan stowell
Chef Ethan Stowell with Sennen David, VP of Marketing for Ethan Stowell Restaurants, Kienan Briscoe, Lynnwood Times

“We just want to be a place where anyone can go. That’s the main thing. It’s a nicely designed place, it’s comfortable. Kids can come, parents can come, you can have a date night here, softball team after a game can hang out here and have some beers,” added Chef Stowell. “Just have it be a spot where there’s no real barriers to entry. We want to give you high-quality food in an approachable way and just make sure this place is comfortable, lively, and fun…There’s really no reason not to go to Victor’s unless you don’t like fun.”

Victor Tavern serves fish and chips, steak frites, salads, pub-style sandwiches and burgers, wings, fries, calamari, shrimp cocktail, and so much more. Burgers range in price from around $22 to $25.

restaurant Edmonds
Photo credit: Ethan Stowell Restaurants

Ethan Stowell Restaurants, across the board, works with local farms and producers to bring the freshest, responsibly sourced, ingredients to its 12 unique restaurants across 20 different locations in the Greater Seattle Metro area.

restaurant Edmonds
Aerial of Victor’s Tavern, Kienan Briscoe, Lynnwood Times

Victor Tavern, located at 550 Main St, Suite 100, in Edmonds is open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. with Happy Hour daily from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Weekend Brunch is even offered on Saturdays and Sunday beginning at 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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  1. Notice- this restaurant adds a 20% gratuity to every bill automatically- rather than the employer paying for the wages of the employees- this is passed straight along to restaurant patrons. Gratuity should be something a patron decides what the amount is. We won’t be going back.

    1. The 20% gratuity it’s to make sure cheap people like you don’t stiff the wait staff on an average tip. You probably should stick to Engals.

    2. Thank you Laurie! It is good to know about the 20% mark-up. I wish restaurants would just increase menu prices since that is ultimately what the customer is required to pay.

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